Apache State Roleplay | Fully Decked ESX Framework | Custom Scripts, Drugs, Guns, Business, Houses | Motorcycle Clubs, Gangs, Orgs, LEO, EMS/Fire | Now Hiring LEO & Staff! |

Hello, thank you for clicking our post and being interested in our FiveM ESX based server. We are a Roleplaying ESX FiveM Server and we are looking for the best role-players in the FiveM community, and we think that may be YOU! We have a variety of options when it comes to roleplay and things to do. We have business’s where you can start and manage / run your own Business (Tattoo Shops, Pawn Shop, Gas Station, Convenience Store). We have spent alot of money and time into this server to make it really fun and gives our players multiple things to do without getting bored, We also have multiple organizations within the city for Civilians to create themselves or join if they are looking for something, we have Motorcycle Clubs with custom Biker vests and Custom Harley Motorcycles, We have the famous Apache Cartel, with there famous Cowboy hats and custom bulletproof vests, If you would like to bring your organization over we would be more then happy to welcome you and help you out as much as you can and we care about what you guys are doing and we want to benefit both the player / group and the server together. If you have any questions or feeling like you want to join please join our discord and check out our website while your at it! Thanks, ASRP Staff Team.

Custom ESX Scripts:

  • Housing
  • Money / Banking
  • 50+ Custom Gang Turf / Clubhouses
  • Drug Manufacturing Script / Drug Disturbing Script
  • Variety of Business for YOU to OPEN! (Gas Station, Convenience Store, Pawn Shop, Tattoo Shop)
  • A custom and variety list of realistic and fun jobs that make you good money!
  • Custom Black Market Dealer and Manufacturing of Weapons.

Staff Team Announcement: We are looking for competent, active, hard working, loyal team of experienced Staff Members! If you meet the requirements please feel free to contact our Staff Administration via Discord.

Staff Requirements:

  • Age 18 (Expectations Made)
  • Must be Active
  • Must be Dedicated
  • Must be Respectful
  • Must have a record of some staff experience
  • Must have working mic and discord

Starting your own Civilian Organization:
Feel free to contact server ownership via discord, as we are always looking to help out Civilian organizations grow and benefit from roleplaying with us, As we offer a variety of custom clothing, custom buildings and vehicles.

Contact Information:
Website: apachestaterp.com
Discord Server Code: EQZJ5Fhyxu