Anyone who knows how to ip lock an script?

Hello fivem community,
I’ve been working on a resource and I haven’t been able to upload it because I don’t know how to avoid leaks, someone who knows how to block scripts by ip?

you aren’t allowed to ip lock or obfuscate scripts

where did you get this from?

somewhere on the forum idk where but seen mods tell me and unlist scripts for being obfuscated give me a min while i look for it

but who told you he’s going to publicly release it?
He may want to sell it or smth idk

yes thats called releasing lol

no, I’ve seen people selling obfuscated scripts around.
Also, he’s never mentioned that he’s releasing it on this forum so just help him or cut it

  1. if you see it report it, its against the rules and i’ve seen people get unlisted and locked for it. just ask @d0p3t
  2. if you are not releasing it or (selling) then why would you ip lock or obfuscate it
  3. no one is going to tell him how to do something against rules

You can see the release rules here Releases Rules and F.A.Q

thanks all!