Any MDT system work with QBUS?

I have recently started a qbus development server to test out the framework. I am used to ESX and how that framework operates. However no matter what MDT I choose, I can get the scripts to work in the sense of no errors being shown. However it is not accessing the SQL correctly. Yes the SQL table that came with the script was run. And for most the id is the main identifier for the script. But even with everything setup correctly, the script is not accessing the database.

In order to run the server, I am using XAMPP and HeidiSQL.

Are you using OxMySQL?

I have since fixed the issue, which doesn’t make much sense to me but it works now.

For some reason trying to make sure that each resource is using the current ‘cerulean’ fx_version makes the script not able to communicate with the database. So if you are using this resource for qb-core:

Please leave the version to ‘adamant’ and it will work fine.


I have everything setup and correct, but when I do /mdt as an officer on duty, nothing shows up.

are there any errors? and can u send a screenshot of how they are set up?

I’m getting this error while trying to use it -

[script:mdt] SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:867: No such export fetch in resource oxmysql

Maybe u can help me.
Its fail on “exports.oxmysql:fetch”