Any interiors for Liberity city map


can anyone help? ive just added the liberty city map to fivem looking for any interiors i can use in there for shops etc?

Many Thanks in advance

Liberty city is quite an uncommon map so you will struggle to find MLOs for it, there are plenty of tutorials available to make your own!

Can you put me on to how you added Liverty City?

you can add liberty city map using this link

Will crash

works for me

Hello, I need your help, if it is possible, I will pay you, but I cannot put the mapping. I have put everything on it. Only at night, you can see the lights of the city, but I cannot get there. I approach it and the city disappears, and there is no option to deactivate the mapping. of los angeles and that there is only the map of liverity city

this is just liberty city. no los santos