Anti Vehicle Stealer

Anti Vehicle Stealer was created 8 months a go by me. I got inspired by many FiveM server where people often steal Police or Ambulance vehicles and just VDM alot of people. After 8 months i updated the resource to this point. If a player trying to drive a vehicle that you added in the blacklistcars config section. The player will be warned for driving in that vehicle. he gets 5 seconds te get out of the vehicle. If he does not get out. He will get kicked out of the vehicle and will be freezed. The engine of the vehicle will be destroyed and the vehicle got locked. After that the police get a message that a blacklisted vehicle got stolen.

  • You can add models into the blacklistcars section. (Just use the spawn name of the model)
  • You can change the messages in client.lua



  1. Buy the resource
  2. Download the resource
  3. Drop it in your resources folder
  4. Add ensure AntiVehicleStealer to your server.cfg
  5. Restart the server

Video link




Buy it for 8 Euros

sounds like a funny script :smiley:

8 euros? for… whitelisted cars?


Forum gone mad past few days xD

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i know right

your comment will be removed soon too :eyes:

I know that as well, it’s too basic i cant even bother to release it lmfao

it’s easy dude . if expensive then leave this post and go make by urself

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