Announcing the Development Kit Beta: Live code editing, server management/export, and *more* soon

FxDK Beta: A fully fledged development environment

Today we are proud to announce the launch of FxDK, the Development Kit. FxDK aims to provide a complete development experience for everyone. Whether you are an experienced developer, a map creator, or just want to import your 3D models, FxDK got you covered. Think of FxDK as your code editor + world editor + in-game test platform in one. The future of your development is here.

FxDK is currently beta and under heavy development. Expect to see many updates in the coming weeks. New features will be added constantly, so be sure to check the changelog that’s included in FxDK. Got suggestions, bug reports, or other feedback? We’re happy to hear about it!

What features are currently included?

  • Real-time coding: This is the key feature you don’t want to miss. In this initial launch we’ve focused on the code editor environment. With FxDK you can work on your code, and see the changes in-game immediately! Code on the left, your in-game view on the right. Development has never been easier. And since this is built on Theia, most of your VSCode plugins will work here too.

  • Project manager: You can easily work on multiple projects with FxDK. Each project has its own environment and can be worked on individually.

  • Resource importer: We’ve all had it. Find a nice resource, download, extract, move, configure. FxDK makes this orders of magnitude easier. Simply provide the URL of the resource you want to include in your server, and FxDK will do the rest.

  • Server management: FxDK is a development platform and has the server platform built-in. Start and stop your development server from within FxDK with ease.

  • Resource management: You can run a development server, so you must also be able to manage your resources right? Correct. FxDK allows you to start, stop, restart, browse and manage resources from a single environment.

What else is coming?

  • World editor: Of course, a platform like FxDK isn’t complete without a world editor. But don’t think of this as just placing objects. No, this goes much further. With FxDK’s world editor you will be able to make entirely new experiences. Create new path nodes for NPCs, create dynamic maps, and design the world environment of your gamemode to great detail.
  • Asset manager: Are you a creative artist? FxDK is for you. Import your 3D models, textures, audio and other assets easier than ever. Gone are the days of long development cycles.
  • Visual programming: Not a fan of code? Visual programming is for you. In the future FxDK will allow you to create your ideas using visual components similar to how game engines such as Unreal and Unity work.
  • Documentation: FxDK is a new product we’re still working hard on. More documentation will be coming soon. If you have any questions, we welcome you to ask them on the forums.

How do I install FxDK?

FxDK is bundled with FiveM. Just start FiveM and you will find a new shortcut in your start menu. You don’t have to do anything else!


Where can I provide feedback and bug reports?

A new FxDK section has been created here on the forums. We welcome you to provide feedback there, ask questions and join the discussion, or share what you’ve created in FxDK with everyone else! If you’re in our Discord guild (which is reopening soon), you’ll also find a #fxdk-talk channel under the Developers section.


That seems dope, good work thx for caring about the community.


Awesome work guys!


Awesome work!!!


Wow! This looks great!

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Very interesting, can’t wait to see the final result!

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Is there support for lua? In video is only js, thanks for response :slight_smile:


supports all languages usable in FiveM

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Oh my, this looks very interesting. Thank you for the amazing work!

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VERY NICE ! This well help a lot

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oh boy here we go!
i am so excited!

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Amazing work, looking forward to trying it out.

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You folks are certified geniusses :open_mouth:
Long live Cfx!


It’s finally out! Yay! FxDK!


Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

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Dope af, gj cfx team!

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Does it mean that in the future, it’s possible to write some sort of integration tests with code? Kinda like selenium? Looks dope.

How can I access this Development Kit since I can’t find any categories in the Fivem Home?