Animation drop object

Hi, i have a problem…
When i use an animation during a minerjob(WORLD_HUMAN_CONST_DRILL), after finishing the animation you’ll drop the drill.
In a job blip you will spawn a lot of drill…how can i fix/remove the drop of the object after the animation?

Sorry for my bad english

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When the animation ends, find the nearest drill and delete it:

    local player = PlayerPedId()
    local coords = GetEntityCoords(player)
    local radius = 5.0
    local prop   = GetClosestObjectOfType(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z, radius, 
GetHashKey('prop_tool_drill'), false, false, false)

	if prop ~= 0 then

This is my function for start animation on job blip…
i put your code in 3 different point to try it(------>) but the funcion GetClosestObjectOfType dosn’t work.

local function playAnimation(animationData)

local plyPed = PlayerPedId()

if(animationData.type == "scenario") then

    TaskStartScenarioInPlace(plyPed, animationData.scenarioName, 0, true)

    Citizen.Wait(animationData.scenarioDuration * 1000)


elseif(animationData.type == "animation") then

    while not HasAnimDictLoaded(animationData.animDict) do




    local duration = animationData.animDuration * 1000

    TaskPlayAnim(plyPed, animationData.animDict, animationData.animName, 4.0, 4.0, duration, 1, 1.0, 0, 0, 0)




RegisterNetEvent(‘esx_job_creator:playAnimation’, playAnimation)

i use the command:
ClearAreaOfObjects(GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId()), 15.0, 0)

after the animation and it work


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