An error (7) occured while checking the bootstrapper version


I was going to startup my fivereborn and it says this:

So my question is: How to fix this?


The reborn main updater is down at the moment, once its back up it will work absolutely fine. The DEV’s are just doing some work right now :slight_smile:

When do you think this is in order?

Tonight or next week

I have no idea man im just a user like yourself :slight_smile: When they manage to get it done i guess. People seem to be forgetting the DEV’s dont get paid to do this. Its in the spare time they have

@Magnix Not tonight, they’ll release it in a couple of days. IRL things are slowing down the developers.

I can give you a fix;

  2. Copy FiveReborn.exe
  3. Paste it into the FiveReborn dir
  4. You should now have TWO FiveReborn.exe One with a tag “- Copy” and one without it.
  5. Rename the FiveReborn.exe with the tag " - Copy" to
    This is telling FiveReborn that you are developing the game, and to skip the process of checking for updates.
  6. Launch FiveReborn.exe, not the one with the “.dev”