An error (6) occurred while checking bootstrapper version

First of all, thank you all for your hard work on this project.
I’m getting an error when I run FiveReborn.exe “An error (6) occurred while checking bootstrapper version. Check if is available in your web browser”.
The thing is I’m trying to run the program on 2 PC’s that don’t have an internet connection. They’re only for offline LAN gaming. So I downloaded the files and updates on a PC with internet and copied them on a USB and pasted it on the gaming PC. I’m guessing this can’t run without internet? :frowning: The server shows 1 line quickly and closes too.

Add a

Can you please tell me how?

I did exactly what you said but it gave me the same error. Sorry guys for the hassle.

Never mind I got it to work by renaming it to instead of and opening the FiveReborn.exe.

Sorry for the typo.

No problem, it happens!