American Tycoon RP Whitelist


American Tycoon RP is an established RP community originally made for FiveM revolving around the tycoon mindset. After multiple months of working on a solid beginning foundation for ATRP RedM we have gone whitelist on the 1st of may! ATRP is now in the customizing phase (beta) more than the core development phase (alpha) as many core systems are stable and needing to be expanded.

What is the tycoon mindset?

  • Focusing on businesses, employees, and jobs to increase the evolution of your character in the ATRP society / economy.

The community:

  • Active moderators and staff
  • Active development (3+ updates posted almost EVERY day)
  • Mature Roleplayers all looking for an immersive RP experience.
  • Over 300 whitelisted applications since may 1st
  • Community driven:
    • Ticket system and staff procedures to help make the community make changes not the staff.
  • Fully developed community economy:
    • Each town has control over all aspects of their income / expenditure / laws and workings.
    • Each member is able to register on the census for voting / taxes and such.

Current Business/Job opportunities:

  • Bar Ownership / Bartenders
  • Gunsmith Ownership / Employees
  • Cigar Co Ownership / Employees
  • Locksmith Co Ownership / Employees
  • Air Balloon Co Ownership / Employees
  • Bankers / Tellers
  • Sheriff / Deputy
  • Mayor / Town board
  • Posse leader / member
  • Doctor / Nurse
  • Plantation owner / worker
  • Farm owner / worker
  • Hot air balloon business
  • Chauffeur business
  • Many more business applications have already been submitted as well!

Side income script jobs:

  • Butcher (selling meat and hides)
  • Bounties
  • Legendary missions
  • Farm hand jobs
  • Mining jobs
  • Mail jobs
  • Stranger missions
  • Cart thief jobs
  • Gold panning
  • Moonshining
  • Fish trapping

Some of our custom scripts:

  • Posses:
    • Leadership / members
    • Chests / Crafting tables / Posse missions
    • Butcher table to collect supplies to deliver through mission
    • Criminal Missions
    • Posse camp upgrades with Posse Expirence
  • Camping/prop system:
    • When placing a tent / chest / crafted item it will stay there until you pick it back up (stays even after server restart, you leave/reconnect, others are online, etc)
    • Selection tool to select/opening native and placed props
  • Farm / Property Ownership:
    • Players are able to establish themselves as citizens of towns on ATRP with that also comes the ability to pay taxes and own properties.
    • Farm scripting includes:
      • Owning animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, goats
      • Feeding / milking chores with needed supplies and chore payouts
      • Animal life spans with payout for animals like pigs based on how many times fed
      • Farm inventory / delivery missions
      • Farm prop crafting (fences / chicken coops / etc)
  • Business ownership:
    • There are unimaginable amounts of business ideas one could come up with for ATRP! Many ideas are already in the works right now.
    • Economy based on not being able to sustain a middle class lifestyle doing side jobs like mining, gold panning, farm hand work, etc.
  • Own multiple Pets / Horses / Wagons
    • Move around tac to other horses
  • Door lock scripting for jobs and properties
  • Random ambushes
  • Prison system
  • Boat and wagon garages
  • Outfits can save on horse/wardrobe/tent
  • Chests / Weapon chests to store your stuff
    • Can use lock to lock your chests / weapon chests
  • Cart and boat “garages”
  • Time and weather sync to make the time/weather move more realistically
  • Working gallows for Lawmen

---- Last updated 7/25/20

Join the Discord: ATRP Discord

Join the Forum to apply for whitelist: ATRP Forum


ATRP - American tycoon Role Play


This server is hands down the best server for RedM that is on the market. The custom scripts Crypto makes are top notch. The community is also one of the best that I have ever joined. Everyone is so nice and friendly, This server wants people to create its own businesses and buy properties. Speaking of properties, you can purchase and fully customize the interior with place able props in over 50+ homes all unique and lockable.
The Role-Play is also Top Notch, I have been Rp’ing on FiveM for the better part of 3-4 years and have played D&D heavily for over 15 years. So Role play is something i know very well, and this server has some of the best role players i have seen, i think it has a lot to do with there screening process to becoming White listed.
There WL process is a bit stricter then most places but as long as you make an effort and put in a little time to fill out the application correctly then it shouldn’t be an issue.
I HIGHLY recommend that you check out ATRP and make a White list application on the forums and telling all your friends to do the same, as its going to start filling up quite quickly. With the new things that have been teased and are going to be rolled out over the next few months is very very exciting stuff!!!


Not being able to play more during the day because i must work :unamused:


In my years of RP experience I have yet to find a developer more dedicated to craft then CryptoGenics (server owner for ATRP). He is updating multiple items a day from hot fixes to additions. Staff is friendly and help solve problems as soon as they can.
Most importantly the RPers on the server are great and consistent. Can’t find a better server for RedM in my opinion.


This is a fantastic community, with extremely dedicated mods/owner and very talented RPers. If you’re looking for an immersive experience in the old West with an opportunity to build your own American Dream, then ATRP is for you.

Whitelisting is a GOOD thing here, as I have yet to come across any RDM or Metagamers. Everyone here is welcoming and helps you figure things out instead of making you feel alone + confused, like some other RedM servers I’ve found.

I was going to apply for WL on a different server as well, but have had such a great time with ATRP that I really don’t see the need to. Between having your own business (forget saloons, think HOT AIR BALLOONS!) or campaigning for elected office, mysterious characters that keep life interesting for LEOs and townsfolk alike, this is the West as it should be.

Don’t be shy, apply for WL and start claiming your share of the American Dream!

And if you do get into town, feel free to tell 'em “DB sent ya” :wink:


Positives: There are countless positives about this server! It’s is definitely one of the top RedM servers on the market if not the best! There are so many possibilities on how you and who you would like to play. The people in this community are so nice, and always make your experience 100x better. I was a little nervous when I first joined but they helped me fit right in. The server has so many fun events, like elections, robberies, fight nights, and so many more. Making money is usually never a problem because of the vast amount of roles there are in the server so you will usually find something that will help you move up in the world in a great fun way. We also have so much diversity on the server with people all around the world playing, so the server is always populated! No need to look for any other sever because we have the best one right here.

Negatives: Literally almost none, the only negative for me is when I’m busy and cannot join.


Let me tell you about ATRP.

If you are looking for an awesome community which is supportive, positive and has GREAT roleplay ATRP is the Server for you. It has an amazing development team. An amazing staff team in general. Updates are pumped out like crazy. The Owner is very active and interacts with the community keeping them informed. I learned to do good roleplay from this community. They are all very dedicated to bringing you the best possible experience. All in all this community is the best i have seen in both RedM and FiveM.

So what are you waiting for stop looking for servers and join ATRP we are waiting for you.


I’ve been part of this community for a hand full of months now and here’s what I got to say that I hope encourages you to come and hang out!

Currently being a Beta server this opportunity allows you to be part of the building process of the server. Putting in suggestions, helping us find bugs and building new and interesting businesses concepts!

In game politics are handled completely in game with voting systems and personalized laws per city that can be disputed In Character and changed In Character!

Want to be a properly recognized and organized criminal organization? We have a system for that that could use some beta testers to see what’s good, what needs fixing and what needs to be taken out.

We are building a community driven and built project so keep that in mind if you want to come check us out! We’re also a purely volunteer and passion project driven team and near every day there’s updates being pushed!

Hope to see you soon <3


I’ve been part of this community a while now and I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve made some pretty good friends, even though it is still a “beta” server. Character development can go on, even in beta as it is the player who creates.

The server itself is ever changing and it’s nice to be a part of that. Seeing the growth, watching things that hadn’t worked suddenly work is pretty dang cool. The staff is voluntary, hard working and great to interact with when they aren’t busy, and moderators are active in game as well. It’s nice to see.

Updates nearly every day, sometimes several per day. There are jobs, businesses, LEO, Mayors, Ranchers and layabouts. Over all the community is small right now, but if you’re wanting a spot to call home, start out and help to build, come on in and find me at the gun shop in Valentine.


This sounds wonderful! All good things take time to create and iron out. I look forward to hopefully building a new life here!


Abosolutely loving the community and what Crypto custom scripts for the server is always amazing. From the Farming to the Drugs, to the gangs to the businesses. Amazing community full of Twitch streamers, positive people and all ethnicities… Come on out and have a blast with us RPing…

PS: I own Valentine Saloon… Come get food and drinks on meeeee… Stop looking for other servers and stop by here… :puerto_rico: :smile: :cowboy_hat_face:

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