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About American Force RP

Who are we? Our new server is full of dedicated members to bring the best roleplay experience. We are currently and packed full of new features in discord and server.

Hello and Welcome to American Force RP!

Our features:
- Custom EUP/Uniforms
- Custom Scripts
- Custom Vehicles
- Custom CAD/MDT System
- Organized Systems and Discord
- Tebex Features

Our Departments:
- BCSO| Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
- SAHP| San Andreas Highway Patrol
- LSPD| Los Santos Police Department
- SAFR | San Andreas Fire & Rescue
- EMS | Emergency Medical Services

Why Pick American Force Roleplay?
Here at AFRP we strive to create the best roleplay possible and to create a friendly and welcoming community!
- Founder: James H.

Join us here:

Server Content: