Always this same error msg when loaded into a server (in desc)

CfxCollection::ReadBulk of streaming file cache:/fivem/warrener.ytd failed to read 524288 bytes (got -1).

When l click ok the game closes or when l ignore the error message l can play but then when in-game and when trying to noclip the textures wont load and l cant see other players. The server online/off icon is green and l can chat etc but l cannot see other players and the game textures wont load anywhere else than the place where l spawn when loaded into a server

EDIT: when l log into a server, these error msgs that l get are about cars (f620 etc). I have an plugin folder with the updated trainer and the ORIGINAL fivem drift handling.meta file.

Also when l try to manually spawn a car by typing its name in the trainer my game freezes