AlphaRP | AR/EN | A True Roleplay Experience with a 1:1 NoPixel 3.0 Feeling! | Not pay to win! | Looking for staff, cops and players

:star2: Dive into the ultimate NoPixel 3.0 experience at AlphaRP! Immerse yourself in a dynamic world of roleplaying where your character’s story unfolds in limitless ways.

:performing_arts: Create and develop your unique persona with our extensive customization options. Whether you’re a cunning criminal, a dedicated law enforcer, or a savvy entrepreneur, AlphaRP provides the platform for your character to shine.

:oncoming_police_car: Experience thrilling interactions and intense scenarios in our meticulously crafted cityscape. From high-speed pursuits to intricate heists, every moment in AlphaRP is filled with suspense and excitement.

:link: Ready to embark on your journey? Join our vibrant community on Discord and connect with like-minded roleplayers. Click the link below to begin your adventure in AlphaRP:

Join AlphaRP Discord: Alpha

:globe_with_meridians: AlphaRP - Where every choice defines your story. Start living your NoPixel dream today!

:camera_flash: Want a sneak peek of what awaits you? Check out our preview gallery below to see snapshots from inside the server or you could watch the vods of one of our streamers below!:


This server is beautiful. I tried it and it is like the No Pixel experience


Glad you enjoyed it!


I liked the server and the management was good


Thanks, glad you enjoyed playing!

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Police Apps are now live, Apply using our forum link and get to get a true Cop Roleplay experience!

Kind Regards

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When I first joined the AlphaRP, I initially thought it was NoPixel due to its high quality. However, I soon realized that Alpha is even better 100 times better, in fact. Everything about this server is perfect, from the gameplay to the community and the exceptional management. The attention to detail and the dedication of the staff truly set it apart from any other server I’ve experienced.

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Glad you enjoyed it and welcome to our community!

Yesterday we got to 14 live players!

and for those who say its kinda hard to get access to the server, the only thing you need to do is register a new account on our forum with linking your discord account to it, after that you will gain access instantly

Also we’re still looking for active players and police officers, there is multiple command positions in the lspd

i tried the server,
i liked it i stayed but the server could use some new players :confused:

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