[ALPHA] Server Native API

U can use in server side:

Server.Native.API.TeleportPlayerToPosition(PlayerServerId, x, y, z);

Or Client Side:

Client.Native.API.TeleportPlayerToPosition(PlayerServerId, x, y, z);
Client.Native.API.TeleportPlayerToPosition(x, y, z);

For example.

API List (Client / Server):

  • SendNotification
  • SendNotificationToAll
  • SendPictureNotification
  • SendPictureNotificationToAll
  • SendSubtitle
  • SendSubtitleToAll
  • SetWaypoint
  • SetPlayerSkin
  • SetPlayerFreeze
  • SetPlayerInvisible
  • TeleportPlayerToPosition
  • PlayPlayerAnimation
  • StopPlayerAnimation

API List (Only ClientSide)

  • TiggerEventToPlayer
  • CallNative
  • CallNativeWithResult

GitHub: https://github.com/AppiChudilko/ServerNative

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Can you explain what this does? Good lord I’m not that much of a code guru

@ZachDLC It’s for Code Gurus

U include this dll in ur project (add reference) and use this natives.

Are these custom APIs you made to add on to the current ones? Do i understand this correctly? If so would it be possible for you to add some way to stream clothing for mp peds in the API?

So this is essentially making devs even more lazy then they already are?

That, honestly, is a silly comment. Developers should create functions and methods to make their work easier, which is essentially what this does. When I say developer, I’m not talking about these people who copy & paste and say they can develop scripts – I mean a real developer.


I completely agree.

It is illogical to repeat the same complex lines of code, while you could just place that into a function and call it.

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