Allow toggleChat for RedM Users

hi , since the repo is archive pull requests cant be made
right now RedM Users have no acces to the command for toggleChat which is needed

making a change like this solves the issue:

located at:

since its cheking for fivem only this command doesnt exist for the RedM side
the window chat cannot be changed so if its always on cant be hidden as command doesnt exist for RedM users

and maybe if its not asking too much allowing arguments for the command to set defined states
so we can use it as ExecuteCommand("toggleChat hidden") for example

thank you


i was allowed to make a pull request see here

if you whish to add an extra feature that I deemed usefull

This is the way . It would allow a lot of people to utilize significantly less resources to get a UI free experience and I believe it’s ideal to allow the development of REDM to mirror its bigger sibling FIVEM

Look, this would be very interesting if we had it. :clap:

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I NEED THIS bro is amazing.

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yaaaaaaaaaas please

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this would be very helpful !

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