Allow scripthook plugin usage to certain players

Hey, so I was wondering if it is possible to allow scripts like menyoo, lambda only to certain players? I don’t really want to allow all of the players to use scripthook plugins. I think it would cause chaos. Is it possible with ace perms? Thanks.

No, that’s not possible. I suggest you create the type of feature access you want to give players via ACE permissions and use your own resources. For example, vMenu is a more feature complete menu than menyoo + lambda, which also has great permission management.

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vMenu basically has all the features of, say, Lambda or Menyoo while having its own ACE-based permission system should you want only certain individuals to have access to it. It works great when everyone has access to it, too, although you will need to basically hand-pick which permissions to grant everyone and which to staff members only.
In short, there is no need in scripthook plugins nowadays. It’s a huge secutiry risk that doesn’t provide any advantage.

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Yep. I use to allow my members to use simple trainer. But have recently changed my server competely and started to use server scripts. and disabled scripthookv, and added vMenu