Allow Renaming server 'Display name' in Keymaster

I’m not sure if this is the right category to suggest a function for Keymaster or if it is already possible to execute it (if that’s the case, please let me know how I can do it).

As the title says, my suggestion is to allow changing the ‘Display name’ of servers in the keymaster, this is very useful as it allows you to reuse ‘Trashed servers’ in an organized way.
Since it is not possible to delete servers, a person (like me) who has previously created several server keys, all with specific names related to the projects at the time, is left with a list of servers in the keymaster that they cannot use, since reusing a key would be confusing because of the name of the key.


In 2019 I create a project called ‘Example123’ and create a key with the same name, if I want to reuse that same key in a new project with the name ‘Example456’ the key in the keymaster would have the name of the old project, which is quite irritating…

I know I could simply create a new key but that would only lead to constantly increasing the list of ‘Trashed servers’.

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This suggestion is hounestly a nice idea however i dont entirely see a point in it as you can see by the following

When a server is connected to the KEY it shows what server is already in use making the Display Name overall pointless to be able to change it.

Yes, I understand your point, but the Display Name should be something that helps the user to better organize their keys.
Since we can’t change it, in my opinion, it just becomes a nuisance.

In my opinion, the solution would be to either allow us to change the Display Name or remove it, or allow us to delete keys (but this has already been suggested several times and seems to be a solution that the team does not want to adopt).

Valid and i agree i +1 this

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