Alaska State Roleplay | Looking For LEO/EMS/CIV | Custom Cars/Scripts | Custom Clothes |


Alaska State Roleplay is a new and upcoming FiveM server based in the state of Alaska, and surrounding cities such as Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Kodiak!
We are looking for mature and active roleplayers to join our newly developed server!

[Departments available to join]
| Anchorage Police Department
| Fairbanks Police Department
| Kodiak Police Department
| Alaska State Troopers
| Anchorage Fire Department
| Alaska State Dispatch

Looking for new recruits for the departments!

Want one of these roles? Requirements:

  • Must have good department knowledge
  • Must be active within the community and the department
  • Must be willing to be trained
  • Must be willing to follow our rules

Communication information

Discord link DOESNT work!