Aircraft Crafting Job[PAID][QBCORE]

Aircraft Crafting Job[PAID][QBCORE]

Build your own Aircraft! and sell it to players. Colllect parts/Proces them. Best fit for Roleplay Servers


  • Build any Airplane by collecting parts and then sell it to players.

  • Easy to use Config with ability to add Custom Airplanes/Parts or even Other Vehicles if needed! etc.

  • Runs at 0.0MS, Optimized.

  • Built for Roleplay Servers who want to run businesses.

  • Takes IRL time to process collected parts. The processor can be upgraded in order to process parts faster

  • Plug and Play With QBCore!


Purchase: 20$

CFX Escrow Asset System

  • This script uses the CFX Escrow Asset System, your script after purchase will be available here. More info on CFX Escrow Asset System available here

For Support

  • For any support or additional that’s required regarding this script
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements QBCore, PolyZone
Support Yes
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Looks nice job

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Change that to no.

Thanks m8!