AI Despawning when near a Player

Hello Everyone I have an interesting issue here and I was curious if anyone might know what would be causing it. The AI acts like “normal” up until they are in the vision of a player on the server. At that point the NPC is despawned whether they are in a car or on foot. This issue just cropped up recently in the newer versions of the Server Artifacts and I was wondering if anyone would have any idea what would be causing that. Below is a link to a text file that includes all of my Resources that I currently run on the server and I was wondering if anyone could possibly point me in a correct direction. Thank you in advance for any input on this issue.


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It’s not 'de’spawning, it’s not spawning in the first place as you’re probably using population modifier function calls.

Saying what ‘newer versions’ you’re using would also help a lot.


??? you’re not even the OP and why are you ‘bumping’ a topic 1 hour old at the time of your posting?