Again, there are many modders

THANK YOU to all CFX developers who do a lot every day for the community and the prevention of attacks!

I’ve already disabled all explosions, but they can still cause and players will die in an explosion.

I would like to review a couple of mod menus to see what native ones are used for these and other attacks.

The question is if I just edit (notepad) and don’t inject, will I still get a global ban?
Or do I prefer to do it in a closed environment of a VPS?

Does anyone have a list of explosive props? (gas cylinders, gasoline wells, etc.)

Also, I try to block the synchronization in the following way, but for example, another player dies in a gas station explosion if he is there.

AddEventHandler("explosionEvent", function(sender, ev)

Just run the mod menu in a client_script on a localhost server. You may want to disable the anticheat as well for safety, it’s pretty simple:

  1. On the client: Go to FiveM Application Data, find and rename advesive.dll to anything else (such as disabled_adhesive.dll ;
  2. On the server: Find sv_adhesive.dll and rename it, too, to anything else.
  3. Next, set the server to sv_lan 1 (as the anticheat being disabled prevents non-LAN connections) and run the menu in a client script.
  4. To enable both after you’re done, rename them back to what they used to be. If they become outdated in the meantime, they should be updated automatically. If that’s not the case, delete the .dll and let it download fresh.

P.S. Of course, just having the mod menu on your machine provided you never launch FiveM’s client is safe - you can review and edit its code freely, but after you’re done with it I highly suggest deleting it off your PC and storing it somewhere online.

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