AfterDark Roleplay

AfterDark Roleplay:

a City based on Semi-Serious Roleplay. Offering Custom Clothing, Cars & Jobs for you too do! :computer:

We offer custom gangs for you to join to become a real ethug in the streets of AfterDark! Go out thugging, doing wars & takeover turfs with your fellow ethugs!

We have multi different Emergency Departments you could join today!


Fire Department
Hospital Crew

If you want to put an application in, please visit discord to do so!

We have Player owned Businesses!

*Burgershot :hamburger:
*UwU Cafe :tea:
*Pizza-This :pizza:
*CyberBar :wine_glass:
*Irish Pub :shamrock:
*Hen House :wine_glass:
*Yellow Jack :wine_glass:
*Split Sides :wine_glass:
*Vanilla Unicorn :wine_glass:
& More to be added!

Come join AfterDark Roleplay today, and be apart of our upcoming family!

Discord Link: