Advanced Paintball 3.0 [QBCore / ESX]



​Full QBCore & ESX Compatibility. (supports custom qb-core names and all qb custom file dependency names)

This script is partially locked using escrow encryption. 90% of the script is accessible in client/open.lua, server/server.lua, and config.lua

Map Tutorial:

This completely configurable script consist of:
● Supports up to 24 players max. (12v12 red vs blue) and 24 players in all FFA game modes (FFA, One in the chamber, & Gun Game).
● All 19 maps are included for free, featuring Nuketown Arena & Nuketown Mirror Park MLOs at no extra cost.
● Create unlimited custom maps anywhere in the GTA 5 world using zones by placing simple vectors in the config.
● Ability to toggle between having a host of the lobby set all of the settings for the game or allow all players to edit the settings for the game.
● A scoreboard UI that displays and organizes all 24 players, updating kills, deaths, map, scores, etc. (G key to display in-game)
● Passive mode spawn protection with a Config.PassiveModeCoolDownWaitTime variable for safety upon respawning.
● Teammate locations are displayed with red and blue blips and an option to keep UAV always on during FFA modes.
● A kill streak system awards a usable UAV after achieving Config.UavKillstreak kills, and a death machine killstreak can be customized with Config.SpecialWeaponItem.
● Paintball can be made an ownable business, taking a portion of each game’s combined wager into the Config.PaintballBusinessName account. (QBCORE only)
● /redoutfit & /blueoutfit commands for saving your current outfit as each teams outfit. (no longer need to config teams clothing)
● A wager amount set to minimum Config.MinWager and maximum Config.MaxWager. Rearward at the end of the game is wager amount * total-players / winning team (Configurable).
● Custom game commentary recorded for each action during games. (Sounds files provided)
● Each team spawns in on the same radio and gets placed back on their radio at the end.
● 33 gun options to choose from (Configurable and addon guns do work).
● Team Death Match game mode (12v12 | The team that reaches Config.MaxTDMScorekills first wins)
● Capture The Flag game mode (12v12 | The first team to capture the enemy flag 3 times wins)
● Free For All game mode (Every man for himself! Earn Config.MaxFFAScore kills to win! 450 random spawn vectors pre-configured, 30 per map)
● Gun Game game mode. (With every kill comes a new weapon granted. go through Config.MaxFFAScoreweapons to win! 570 random spawn vectors configured, 30 per map)
● One In The Chamber game mode. (You have 1 bullet. Every kill earns one more bullet. You only have set amount of lives. 570 random spawn vectors configured, 30 per map)
● Hold Your own game mode (12v12 | Each player tries to last as many lives that are set, Whatever team loses all of their lives first loses)
● Unlimited sprint during the match.
● The option to spectate players.
● Starting game cinematic sequence.
● ox_lib menu map image preview.
● Runs at 0.0 ms resmon (0.02 when playing a match)
● Consistent big updates such as this 3.0 update.

3.0 CHANGES: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Requirements consist of:
QBCore OR ESX (Other frameworks will work but are not officially supported).
qb-menu OR ox_lib (Alternative UI resources compatible if renamed accordingly).
No specific target script, EMS script, or inventory script required. (all are supported)

Credits to 2Play Games for creation of the nuketown maps provided!

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 6,750
Requirements qbcore/esx
Support Yes

did 2p allow the use of nuketown map?

paintball with regular guns?

yes he did. We came to a partnership on it.

Yes people tend to use their imagination in roleplay. Being stuck to one single gun would be pretty boring very quickly.

can i change the gun to paint ball guns for like tdm or ffa

I understand though… Always have weapons open for more options. Just curious about not having an option for a paintball gun when its called paintball :slight_smile:

yes you can!

There is an option for a paintball gun and there is custom sounds. It is in the config.

Thats great news then

Back at it again! Amazing update. Thank you!

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Thank you!

any option for open source?

Not bad at all, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!

Amazing work :heart::heart: Everything is down to a t

Does this contain a no dispatch zone so that PD and EMS aren’t getting constant pings from the guns/people getting downed?

The readme is supplied with a simple snippet export to add to your shots fired calls. with examples, copy and paste for ps-dispatch, and screenshots.