Advanced Developer with 1000+ hours experience

About Me
I am a FiveM developer with around 1000+ Hours of experience, aswell as over 2 years of just playing the game. I am also an IT student so I have lots of knowledge on other aspects of running a server such as security.

What Can I Do?

  • Help you choose the perfect way to host your server
  • Setup and Install the server - (ESX/VRP etc.)
  • Create Custom Scripts For You
  • Secure your server
  • Set up SQL databases
  • Advice you on how to become popular

** What I WILL not do?**

  • I can not promise to be there 24/7/365. I am also a developer of an online game similar to Club Penguin, so I am busy with that, aswell as my IRL job.
  • I will not teach people how to code.

Willing to create servers for new communities

** Contact me ? **
You can contact me via discord. Sudo#9145

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Heeeyyy! Are you interested in a server that hasn’t launched yet? There’s a few things that I’m needing done to finish up and be ready to go live.

Hey , i added you on discord , because i need help to fix an inventory

daily bump?

added nels#002


Are you still looking for work ?


Bump! Contact me @ Sudo#0002

Still looking for work contact me on discord @ Sudo#0002


I’m new to fivem but I have experience in the private server scene. I use to own and develop runescape private servers and worked on things such as community management, development, project management, marketing and of course the reason we do it… monetizing the game (making money)!

I’m now interested in fivem and have some experience with developing my own local version of the game. I have been able to add cars, create commands, add/modify plugins. I know these are the basics, but if I had a team to work with I could help improve the project by adding to it. I would only join a project if there was already at least one experienced developer.

Coding experience: html, css, javascript, java, python, nodejs, github
Database experience: sql, mysql, nosql, postgres
Linux experience for hosting/updating the server

I’m mainly interested in developing for a server that has an active playerbase already.

Discord: Tanner#0760


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Bump. Looking for an established community to help out after being let down by some people.


still looking

I sent you a Request on Discord


bump still loooooooking :slight_smile: