Advanced AI Security Guards & AI Bodyguards System [QBCore] [ESX] [NEW] [DISCOUNT]

Introducing the Ultimate FiveM Security Roleplay Enhancement: Dynamic AI Security Guards & Bodyguards [QBCore & ESX]

Enyo AI Security Guards

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Upgrade your FiveM server security with our revolutionary script! Whether you’re a player seeking unparalleled protection or an administrator striving to enhance your server’s experience, our Dynamic AI Security & Backup script delivers unmatched performance and versatility.

Unmatched Security System: Bid Farewell to Solo Ventures!

  • Dynamic Security Detail: Never face danger alone again. Request a personalized security detail tailored to your specific needs, ranging from discreet bodyguards to heavily-armed mercenaries.
  • Configurable Security Types: Administrators wield the power to craft an extensive array of security agent types, each meticulously customizable, featuring:
    • Unique vehicle selection for discreet arrivals and efficient transportation.
    • Diverse Security Types, including Bodyguards, Security Guards, and Mercenaries, among others.
    • Tailored weapon loadouts to ensure maximum protection.

Intelligent Security Agents:

  • Seamless Arrival & Formation: Watch as your security agents arrive discreetly, strategically park, and expertly form a protective formation around you, ensuring constant vigilance.
  • Adaptive Threat Response: Your security detail springs into action at the first sign of danger, swiftly neutralizing any threats that dare to approach.
  • Friendly Fire Prevention: Bid farewell to accidental shootings. Our security agents are programmed to discern allies from adversaries, eliminating the risk of collateral damage.
  • Unified Security Force: Witness the synergy of multiple security agents seamlessly working together, creating an impenetrable defensive barrier around you.

Escalate the Response with Additional Backup!

  • Flexible Control: Exercise complete authority over your security detail. Deploy additional reinforcements or dismiss the entire team, adapting effortlessly to evolving circumstances.

Enhanced Customization & Functionality:

  • Tailored Agent Behavior: Fine-tune every aspect, from headshot vulnerability to ragdoll behavior, ensuring a bespoke experience.
  • Advanced Configuration Options: Administrators can delve into the minutiae, adjusting driving styles, spawning distances, and more, to suit the server’s unique requirements.
  • Realistic Agent Attire: Immerse yourself in the experience with customizable agent outfits, featuring an array of clothing styles.
  • Player-like Decision-Making: Experience unparalleled immersion as our agents mirror player behavior, enhancing the realism of every encounter.

Security Agent Transportation:

  • Passenger Feature: Sit back and relax as you entrust your security to our capable agents. Take a seat in the passenger’s side and let them handle the driving.
  • Configurable Driving Speeds: Set the pace with customizable driving speeds for each security detail, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Enhanced Interaction System:

  • Streamlined Interaction: Communicate effortlessly with your security team through intuitive formation commands and a user-friendly menu interface.
  • Formation Commands: Take command with ease, directing formations, holding positions, or assigning specific areas to guard, all at your fingertips.

Ally Recognition & Management:

  • Ally System: Designate allies to eliminate the risk of friendly fire, fostering a safer environment for all.
  • Dynamic Ally Management: Add or remove allies from your security detail on the fly, maintaining flexibility in every situation.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3000
Requirements ESX / QBCore or QBCore Based Framework
Support Yes

That guarding mode is INSAAAANE! I gotta get my hands on this asap :heart_eyes:

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Glad to hear that :raised_hands: Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!

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The script i’ve been wishing for… with even extra steps :star_struck: getting this fs!

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Thanks! You’ll love all the amazing features and more to come. Enjoy! :star::smile:

Impressive script… 5 stars! :star::star::star::star::star:

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The idea of the script is so smart :clap: Instant purchase.

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Fire 10/10 :fire:

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Honestly, the best script i’ve come across for a long while! Five stars all the way :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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I can’t recommend this enough :heart_eyes: 10/10


Thanks a lot! a 10/10 script INDEED! :heart_eyes:

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Suuper amazing Script, 100% recommend, and support is the best, even fixed other creators script for me, because they a bit lazy :heart: thank you!

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Holyyy this script is next level! The AI is so smart i love it.
Massive addition :fire:


Thanks a lot :heart_eyes: You’re right this script is the BEST ADDITION you’ll maKe to your fivem server :fire:

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Thanks, copilu019! We’re thrilled you love the script and our support. Happy to help! :heart:

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Very successful script :bomb: :ok_hand: