admins abuse there powers

ive played in this server for about a month and have enjoyied most of my time in here until power hunger admins started absusing there powers. ive been in shootouts with admins when they will revive them selfs mid fight in order to join back in, ive had admins tp mid might in order to get kills, admins will tp away after getting killed so that they wont get looted, they go into godmod and will rdm you if they dont like you. the admins like lxgend will kos you with no initiation and then call it rdm when you kill them. they spawn in hundreds of millions worth of guns cars and money and the owner makes every new player that he invites to the server a admin. the server has a lot of potential and some of the coolest scripts i have seen but is being ruined by corrupt admins who ban people for simply not liking them and absuse all of there powers.


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