Admin Non Els Pack

Server Admin Pack These Cars Can Be Found In The CAR Links Text Doc

I Made The Livery’s Not The Cars

credits for car
Discarded2003 truck

ZeakorDesigns Charger

Silent S. Crown Vic


Staff cars confuse me…


Mybe give creds to the creator of the cars`?

admins care are only on vmenus as a way to make people scared to do failrp

Fivem isn’t just for RP. There are a variety of other servers where these can be used. Granted majority of servers are RP. In an RP server admin cars definitely break immersion. I completely agree on this part.

Don’t understand all the hate on them though. These can easily be used for racing servers etc.

Overall decent job I like the colors but I do agree you should include the credits on who made the cars. I know it’s in the Readme but I feel like it should be on this post as well.

I am good friends with @Strike-Modifications and I completely agree with you credit should have been given on the post so I will let him know that as soon as he gets on and as you said not all servers are RP based server like personally I have a drift server that I will be using these in

I have nothing wrong with people using them personally, but I feel that even in a racing sim server why do you need to show off that your an admin? But I mean if people like em then I’ll stay quiet :smiley:

Thanks But If U Read The Txt Doc It Clearly States That

sorry but what made you think it was a good idea to release this … all you have done it added “server-admin” and “staff” which alone is cringy having server admins roaming around in a rp server at the best of time

sorry this is kinda pointless in releasing and i cant see why mods allow this as if this was a script this would of gotten removed due to be lack of effort

@itsBUCKO ok first off u might not like it but others might and second dont start drama

i wont start “drama” if this release was worth releasing bro like i said all you have done is added 2 texted to the skin… im unsure how mods even allow it for example if you made a script that was 10 lines or less it would be removed due to it being classed as no effort so i cant see why they allow skins when its clear you havent stuck any effort into it as anyone can add “server-admin” and “staff” to a car skin

ok u might not like it but others might not gonna argue with u its a public release deal with it or dont look at my stuff simple @itsBUCKO

i want the cars and livery but whatever

Okay, let me say this you are wrong in many ways, such as having a script that has 10 or less words because, there is a script that has 5 “Lines” and the other thing is it’s a really good liverie I would like to see what you can, do so watch what you say when you most likely can’t make one you’re self!

:rofl: :joy: :joy: :rofl: you jokes bro it just a skin lol super simple to make

“do so watch what you say when you most likely can’t make one you’re self!”

fyi Focus rs (focus rs adrenaline academy skin) replacment/addon - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Community (this is what i made on my old account which i posted back in 2019)

Okay, so number, one I doubt that doe the reason that you seem, like you are a new, user and until you have more, proof I doubt you made those!

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: ok dude i dont have to have to prove nothing to you but if your that bothered about just look at the name lol … also why are you even commenting on a post that was made last year lol