Addon vehicle request

Hey everyone can someone please convert this addon WITH HYDRAULICS vehicle into a FiveM Resource for me please, leave the FiveM Resource of this vehicle with hydraulics please in comments for me please. Thank you

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Learn how to do it yourself instead of asking people to do it for you, or at least ask for help instead of just having someone make it for you. It is easy to learn it and once you get the hang of it, it’ll work every time you try.


well I just need help because we only know how to only do vehicle replacment

Download an add-on, and assess the resource and try and convert it to your liking, by learning.

Can somebody please just make this vehicle into a FiveM Resource please i’m f***** Desperate

can someone pls just make me this vehicle

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how about you do it yourself? it’s just a matter of learning how to, which there are numerous tutorials for.

ok everyone who reads this can you SOMEONE pls convert this into a FiveM resource

because there are a lot of technical people out there and i am deffenatly not one of them can someone pls help me

NO, You already got told that there are plenty of resources to use TO HELP YOU LEARN how to convert addons. Quit being lazy and actually learn how to do it. Your not going to get much help here just by asking. Its all about learning.

IM NOT lazy Im jjust not techbical

IM NOT either but I have done this before. IT ISN’T that hard.

If you can’t be bothered to try to learn it, you shouldn’t own or operate a server. Get out of here with this “Do it for me” attitude of yours.


Correct! ^

I took the time and effort to learn, it’s not that hard once you get an understanding of it.

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other cars are not bad this one has gave me problems tho i feel his pain im still learning

Is there even a difference? I learned by trying, there’s no other way to get it done.

yeah there is a difference when the normal cars are aint too bad, this has 400 extra parts and few extra files that is the only difference there aint a video out there or walk through to do the extra’s and get it right. I aint asking for noone to do it i was just saying if someone is learning some take a little longer to catch on I just put it on the back burner and moved on to something i can get done instead of stalling out time that can be used elsewhere then come back later. But I made a 64 impala from San Andreas with switches work and looks really good shocked me lol.

Guaranteed if I took the hour to convert this into an addon, it’d work.