Addon Sound limit Increase Please ;)

Hey guys, can we start a vote here for addon sounds?
The limit is currently around 175 add-on sounds with GameBuild 2944.

Increasing this limit would provide more potential for tuning based FiveM servers as you could add more addon sounds (engines, etc) as there are so many now that sound really good and it’s a shame that you can’t use them in a big sense :smile:

If the CFX Team would be so kind i think that many People would love it i know you guys have much to work on but could you maybe implement it somehow in a future update?
React with the :heart: if you want it too :wink:
Anyone with me try to make it happen :smiley:

Have a nice day i thougt i give it a try :smile:


Do you have an example of a resource with this specific type of ‘addon sound’?

things like that iam currently having around 175 of such Addon sounds installed and more wont work sadly… there are so many amazing Addon Vehicle sounds out there but we cant add more then 175 and many players wnna have a huge list somehow so they can swap around in different vehicles :smiley:

in terms of wont work i mean they are just silent then no sound of the engine at all and i know they work because iam testing them one by one on my test server

and ty for your reply :slight_smile:

Already collected here and converted into a resource to be use with native or vehicles.meta: GitHub - shoot1101/carsound: 60 Custom Engine sound Fivem

but no fix for the problem i got my Sounds for vehicles in 2 packs so i only need to start 2 Resources for the sounds but not all work due to the limit

Make sure you check the TOS on those IRL brands :wink:

So we have a fix for this yet? I have the same problem. 199 addon sounds but 24 dont work…

For clarification what addon sounds are being discussed here?

Would it be possible to create a small reproduction in which on a fresh server and with the given resource(s), the thing that should be emitting sounds is not.