Addon license plates / base game carcols.ymt editing

Creating a separate topic at @d-bubble’s request here.

Some info about specific carcols.ymt values

The problem

  • carcols.meta files do not override the carcols.ymt file (or any other DLC carcols.meta files)
    1. cannot add new license plate formats/edit base game ones
    2. cannot edit carcols entries for base game and DLC cars - mods like SP Carcols do literally nothing when put into a resource.

Possible Solutions?

  • Make the overriding of carcols possible by streaming a carcols.meta file
    • Pro:
      • Would allow for the most customisation since car color list is defined there as well
    • Con:
      • Possibly (?) hard to implement due to inner workings of the engine/platform which i’m not familiar with (judging by the fact that replacing vehshare.ytd is not possible as of now)
  • A scripting method to add/set/remove license plate properties at a specific index
    • Pros:
      • If the license plates updated live - when this method would be called, it could speed up creating new entries
      • Nicely complements the SetDefaultVehicleNumberPlateTextPattern method.
    • Cons:
      • Only would solve the problem with license plates - no addon car colors and no mods like SP Carcols
      • Probably even harder to implement than the first solution since the method would be called after everything else has loaded.

Using either solution creates another problem… Since replacing vehshare texture dict is not possible, how would addon plate textures be handled? With a native, a previously requested custom texture dict name could be specified in a param, but no solution comes to my mind in case of the first method.


Yeah this is something similar I asked bubble to look at after I requested the license plate pattern native. I didn’t make a thread so it would’ve been lost in the void like a lot of other ideas haha. My bad.


Any news?


This topic is very relevant to me. Have you written bubble any more on this subject?

Maybe there is a way to replace carcols.ymt on the client side? I’ve tried, but no success. Then I decided to write an .asi script which would change the values. However, I got an automatic 14 day ban while I was researching the memory. In the end I managed to implement it for single player, but fivem crashes (probably a different offset). Can I get a second ban for memory scanning with CE without a debugger attached?

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Bump this topic, no word yet? Been looking for a while, nothing I’ve tried (not all that much admittedly) has worked. I’d love to see this implemented into FiveM.

I’ve tried adding custom addon plates but without any luck. Found this topic and bumping it since guess there isn’t any update yet. It’ll be great to add some addon plates for eg. imported vehicles or just add some more variacy of plates, not only LS ones.