Addon cars help!

Ok so before I start I would just like to say to the mods and admins of 5m please don’t take this down I know there are guides but I don’t get them therefore this is why I’m making the thread.

Ok so I’m trying to install addon-cars to my 5m server I have:

  • the __recource.lua with everything it needs to run inside
  • the stream folder with the vehicle files in
  • the carvations.meta
  • and the vehicles.meta
  • then I listed it in my citmp-server

However when I start my server and get in it says ‘vehicle model not found’ I think this is because I don’t have the vehicle_names.lua but I’m not sure how to do that and fill that file in.

If anyone can help me with that or a better guide it would be much apprechiated.

Still doesn’t explain where you get the vehicle_names.lua AddEntry code from (that long string on numbers and letters ) and if you don’t get the dlc.rpf in the folder you download there’s no other way of getting the META files.

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