Additional Unique Weapons/Items

Recently noticed there are several weapon variants from SP that appear, but do not work. Anyone know how one could pull them over? The Mexican cattleman (Flaco’s) is in fully, but the Pig Cattleman (granger’s) is not. Quite a few should be possible to bring over, just wondering why some are and some are not. Hoping someone here can shed light on it, or suggest a way for those tags to be used.

This is because we’re using item database for MP mode. In Red Dead Redemption 2 inventory system has been heavily reworked and it’s now a crucial part of weapon related systems. Item databases defined by catalog files (catalog_sp.ymt and catalog_mp.ymt), however, you can only use one of these at the same time. We had a choice from using MP catalog with all the DLC content that R* has added over the years for RDO or using the singleplayer catalog with bunch of unique but not-so-interesting items. We decided to use MP one. However, we do plan to make this file streamable in the future, so each server would be able to tweak and upload their own catalog, it’s important for adding new content as well.


That is fantastic to know, was really hoping streamability was on its way. Do you know any loose timeframe for it? Or, if that is not easily answerable, is someone is actively working on making the file streamable?

Thank you very much for your response, I have been wondering this for quite a while.

Sorry, there can’t really be any time frames. I’ve done some progress researching how this file is getting loaded/unloaded by the game, but can’t predict if there would be any underlying issues.

That is completely fair, but knowing you are working on it and testing the process is a huge morale boost as-is. Been hoping to see something like this for over a year now and I hope that with the new partnership things will only progress faster! I’ve been addicted to RedM for a while now so thanks for getting back to me!

All I can say now is thank you for your great work here!