Adding Retro Vehicles to Five M

Hello, so basically all I need help with is someone to help me take the Lore Friendly Retro Pack and make it into an addon resource for Five M. Here is the link and to contact me about it just send me an email at [email protected] or just contact me on P.M’s on the Five M forms!

Link to Pack

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If anyone helped you, can you please help me?

And me please

This should be all you need.

Yall, this is the 80s part of that pack done for FiveM

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Rip. I only want the highway patrol cars. I’m going to edit it, to change it to only be highway patrol cars.

@MidgeV So all you did was use this to make the 80s one for fivem so i could just do that for 70s and 90s??