Adding Items on QB-core server

Is there any guide on how to add items to the QB-core server? Been looking for a beginner tutorial or guide. [ SOLVED ]

Hey :slight_smile:
It’s pretty straight forward. You just have to do the following :

  1. In the ‘qb-core/shared/items.lua’ file you add your item to the table :
QBShared.Items = {

['joint']  = {['name'] = 'joint',  ['label'] = 'Joint', ['weight'] = 0, ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'joint.png', ['unique'] = false,  ['useable'] = true,  ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Sidney would be very proud at you'},

  1. Then you give it the functionnality you want, by implementing the ’ CreateUseableItem()’ function in the server lua file of the script using the item (or a more global one if the item isn’t related to a specific script)
QBCore.Functions.CreateUseableItem('joint', function()

    print("SMOKING A JOINT")


I really appreciate your help!