Adding Custom Cars to FiveM Client?

been looking around forums and google but i can’t find specifically what i want to do. I’m new to the whole FiveM GTA RP
and was wondering how i can add cars to my FiveM Client to play on other servers with?

Most people “stream” the vehicles, etc. All you need to do is join the server.

oh but they have sucky cars was wondering if there was a way i could just add my own client side to play it on their servers. I seen someone with an RX7 but it wasnt in the car spawner

They’re called “add-on” vehicles

how do i add “add-on” vehicles though ?

You have to stream them through the server

oh so i can’t add any client side?

Nope, not that I know of

ah okay i guess ill have to live without it

yes you can, you just need to add them into the citizen and all the metas that require, better to stream them from the server ( if you have a clientside car and you drive it, everyone will see you jump on the map like crazzy because they cannot load that model )

Why do some custom cars work client side and others not even if the ones that dont work were installed exactly the same way the ones that do.