Adding addon/dlc file vehicles. [Clientside]

Hi all. I appreciate those that visit the support side of the forums to help us noobies out. I have searched and i cant find a distinctive guide/manual to help get us under way on adding Addon vehicles to fivereborn.

So what im asking is if someone could one, explain the file process of where to place the meta’s such as car cols etc, and also explain the file formats and how to replicate the similar paths to the GTA V directory.

And finally is it possible to add a addon vehicle to your client?


it is possible but the car would need to be streamed and then you need to make a custom dlc_patchday in the dlc folder inside of citizen place the metas in there and see if it works if not, you can use the addon car and take it out of the RPF and rename it for a replace car

thanks for the info buddy. Could you give me an example of the file structure of creating a patchday?

So is there anybody that could explain how to add a DLC/addon vehicle? I run the server so that isnt an issue.