Add progress to the taskbar icon (Enhancement)

Hi there, little enhancement about the taskbar display.

It could be useful for slow pc/long download to display the progress of the in game download or loading of the game with the fivem taskbar icon like you can see here :

This could be used when downloading cache for another game build, when downloading assets, or even when entering a server (now that we also have a percentage displaying in loadingscreen, could be used as a base for this).

This is only an enhancement, so feel free to throw this to garbage or in very low priority task.
(This idea came to mind when the taskbar icon overlay PR was made, nice addition)

Thanks for reading, bye :slight_smile:


This depends on the ability to have ‘global’ progress for server download however, and it resetting ‘a lot’ is also a little weird, so needs a bit of thought as to which states to display.


Maybe only when you’re on the main screen downloading the resources, because in-game there’s already a setting to display download status :thinking: