Add-on Streamed vehicle tuning don't work

So I have a bit of a problem here, some of the addon cars I try to put in the server works and everything, but the tuning parts don’t show up in the list in the modifications menu, I also noticed in the data files of the cars, that there is a file called for example “eclipsecontentunlocks.meta”, does that have to do with it? I have quite a lot of vehicles with this and none of them are able to have the tuning even though they’re supposed to. Am I supposed to add that meta to the list in the resource.lua?

Also, some of the cars that are supposed to be tunable, don’t have any mods showing up in the modifications menu, and they don’t have that contentunlocks.meta thing. Strange…

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I have the exact same experience. 5 out 20 different cars with tuning parts show up in the menu I can’t seem to find a pattern to why that is… :frowning: @GanjaMonster mentioned something about making sure the kit id is above 1000 but that hasn’t changed the outcome for me in any of the 20 cars I’ve tested to far… ZzzZZzzzzz

I kind of made some of the cars work. I’m using that technique with the modkit id’s, it’s based on luck with me so far, because 80% of the time I change the number ID’s they won’t work, but i choose a random number, sometimes it works. I got 3 cars to work so far with this method.

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if ur having a pack i suggest renaming all the modkits starting from top to bottom and start them from 1000 up and see if all them work oh yea and make sure to edit the carvariation meta that is where it calls for the modkit so u have to change the ID there and modkit name too, to match @COndor

Thats what im doing.
The NissanGt35 u did in one of ur video I got to work, no problem.

Can one you you tell if this works?

This i can’t get to work either:

Or this:

Or this:

And I´m testing one car at a time just to be safe…

try higher kit numbers above 1500 or 2000 see what happens mayne theres a DLC car in regular game that calls that # ??? hard to tell honostly could be just the streaming being a bitch from so much data ? not sure i would say keep trying cuz we had no parts at all but now somehow it works you can try lower numbers also

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So far with changing the kit numbers, I’ve had success after about almost 10 tries for each car using google’s number generator, so far so good though, iv’e made a lot of progress and got a lot of tuning to work again

happy to hear that hope to see some nice cars on the servers :wink: u can also do the same thing with the police cars and convert them to addons dont forget to like tutorial topic <3


I was looking for the same thing, since I’ve wanted to get as much add on cars as possible to my illegal racing RP server. I’ve even read something about 8bit values or… Basically, standard numbers work for me so far. Dunno, if GTA SP has the same in this, but as long as numbers aren’t doubling, tuning will work just fine. I am even able to do addons from replace vehicles, just with different ModKit values. Take a look at my sheet, almost 250+ add on cars and everyone each with tuning works perfectly :slight_smile:

Just always use find option, if you didn’t use some ID twice or more and keep overview for yourself!
Btw., if there are 2 or more same ID’s, the game will prioritise always the car in alphabetical resource order.

From where I get new ID’s:

and (this last link doesn’t work atm due to maintenance)

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