ADD-ON car error/Glitch

i dont know why this happens but every add on car his tuning doesnt work like it doesnt exist (engine 0 suspension 0 transmission 0 etc… exept horns it is on -9 and the wheels it says wheel choice 1 and on like that but nothing works pls help this is annoying

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Thanks for explaining your issue in detail, providing logs or methods to replicate the issue, good job!



Ive ran into this issue my self and it appears to be vehicle specific

While the car mod linked below works

this one has the issue mentioned in the OP though this has only become a problem as of more recent fiveM updates.

Adjusting the order to which the meta files are in the __resouce.lua doesn’t sort this out either and there doesn’t appear to be any errors when reloading the resource in the F8 Debug Menu or the servers logs.

Is there a fix for it ?:thinking:

I’ve noticed myself that all of a sudden nearly all my vehiclemod files aren’t being streamed or they for some other reason just stopped working. I’ve gone through all my files and checked if everything was placed and set properly and everything seemed fine including modkit IDs. I’ve went through it for about 4 hours maybe more, no luck.

hey blue is five m working on this or are the gonna be working on this ?

Can confirm that also on my server (CitizenMP) Addon cars do not have any modification.

As I can recall for me they dissapeared after FiveM updated to a newer version of GTA V.

yeah right after the update they didnt work anymore help!

these customizations dont work

and this one works

i dont get the issue :thinking:

Hey guys! I managed to replicate the issue but haven’t found a solution yet, i’ll look into it!

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Great news, thanks for the update.

thx man for your effort!

Sometimes when I’m messing around with additional tuning files, I check the RPF to see what the ***_mods.rpf is called. If I create another folder in the stream directory with the same name of the RPF file (excluding “.rpf”) then it sometimes works. So, for example “180sx_mods” would be a sub directory within stream.

If this doesn’t work however, I find changing the name of the vehicle modifications folder inside the stream directory to “global_mods” does the magic.

Times on whether or not it works are sporadic, so it may or may not work for some people.

how do you fix the engine suspension and tuff and the wheels ??

That’s what I’m still trying to look into, I’ll play around with a few meta files when I get back home later and see if I can come up with anything

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Thank you for letting us know.

Keep on rocking!

That won’t do anything, it would be equal to deleting the resource cache, as far as i know it seems to be related to outdated carmods, not FiveM, i’m still looking into it tho

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it cant be outdated car mods

1 may released doesnt work at all

Fixed it in a matter of minutes, use a mod kit number between 290-254. This is because of the new gun runner DLC using those values.


what mod kit number did u use ?