Ability to have a server.cfg AND pass command line args

Ability to have a server.cfg editor

Basically what we have todo now is to modify the blank.cfg with an external editor which is inpractical, It would be much better if we have a way to have a lets say CFG resource which will then be copied to the build directory.

Ability to pass command line args to client and server

It would be really nice to have an option to pass multiple args to the client and server for debug purposes or even some resources, mysql-async would be a good example.

Intent is to allow resources to define configuration options which then can be filled out in a form in ‘project settings’.

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That is actually a great solution for both cases! i doubt that every resource will follow that rule though. (which doesn’t really affect me as i write most of my resources myself anyway) but still, some people uses third-party which might not follow that rule.

If any resource doesn’t, one can just make a dummy resource with just those settings they want defined. :stuck_out_tongue:

The new ‘Project Settings’ page is implemented as of client release 4001!

Using the schema from [Release] Webadmin Settings Menu, for example to have a MySQL connection string add this to any resource asset’s fxmanifest.lua:

convar_category 'MySQL' {
        { "MySQL connection string", "mysql_connection_string", "CV_STRING", "" }