A Quick Showcase of one of Louetta Logistics' Work

Hey there! I figured I’d do posts about this in the forum. That said, please let me know (staff) if these posts are appropriate or not.

I’m making videos on FiveM, granted they aren’t the usual gameplay videos, they are more so showcases (so far) and one part 1/2 of a trailer. As I improve in my editing, I’d love to hear feedback form the community regarding what I should do videos about, whether they’d be mod showcases, or story-driven short films (10 mins ish, would love to show one that I’ve bene working on for a couple of weeks now, once I’m done)

With that in mind, I’d love to share with everyone this short, showcase video I’ve made of Louetta Logistic’s LBRS model!

No, I have not been paid to do this, I kind of just… reached out to their team, told them what I was doing for fun, and asked for their permission to make a showcase video… One conversation and night later, recorded, edited, published!

What do you all think?