A New Guy In Town

Hey guys.

My name is Ray, I’ve had as much as I can take with the restrictive conditions of Social Club servers and I’m ready to move to what I feel the game is meant to be. I look forward to getting to know all members and staff.


@kanersps I’m so glad to see a team of people that are trying bring multiplayer back to the players. Could you point me in the right direction of where I could get set up running a server? Also, where can I donate?

@SimpleRay You can download the server easily by clicking the big download button on the front page. And we do not accept donations

I’m shocked. If you ever decide to I’d be more than happy to support this.
Also, I understand how to obtain the files, I was more referring to the actual set up/running of the server after files are downloaded.

Welcome @SimpleRay Hope you enjoy your stay.