A LGBT friendly server?

Where can I find one that’s LGBT friendly or just friendly overall? Sorry if I put this in the wrong community discussion.

Show No Mercey Roleplay Accepts all genders. .

cant find it in the server list

https://discord.gg/guepPXC2 That’s there discord. We accept all genders.


I think its the tokioVip that makes me not want to join, lol, also I can’t even create my character, the button won’t work.

Remembered RP we accept everyone from every background and dont allow discrimination

That’s more than fine if you don’t want to join but if your stuck we haven’t seen anyone ask our staff for help yet - Our staff are devoted people willing to assist you in getting setup if your stuck and if your not sure on how to join it’s purely because all the instructions and details are on our Discord & Guilded server

Yeah, its just the tokioVIP, I’d rather not wanting to go the extra mile to just use a microphone.

:+1: That’s understandable hope you find a place that your happy with

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That’s fine, but dude, there’s like no way to know how to change ur character freemode model, there’s no button instructions at all, it’s very weird, I can’t get out of the change apperance menu with the clothes.

EJRP, as a member I got to say it’s the friendliest server I have ever been on. (And trust me I have been on quite a lot!) It’s a small and growing community however it’s trying its best. We also have custom scripts and unique skins and features. I hope you try it out here is the discord :slight_smile:

GoldenCoast FivePD Is Looking for Members And We love everyone !

Friendly I’m sure, but the registration and the quizzes to join it is highly confusing, and makes it all very frustrating to join the server, very unattractive and distasteful overall, thank you tho, next.

SpinTheBlockRP accepts all genders server ip: connect

UniversalCity RolePlay heres our invite link https://discord.gg/KuaX2xr97x
and connect address is

https://discord.gg/CY6pxuekVn come check us out!

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We are a new server and we are inclusive to all no matter what race/sexual orientation or belief come and check us out

Hello we are Nexus Roleplay
A new and upcoming roleplay server.
Our city has a custom framework with MLO’s, jobs, cars, criminal activity, drugs. We work with a radial menu which is easy to use. Our economy is low and makes it feel like money is valuable and the things you buy have meanings such as your car. The server has a lot of cool stuff in development.
City features
• Police
• Ems
• Mechanic
• Gangs (will be give to good roleplayers to avoid becoming cops and robbers)
• Weed shop
• Burgershot (fully custom with food counters and meal deals)
• Job centre with several jobs
• Bank Heists
• Drugs system
• Real Estate
• Scuba heist for rare coral
• Vanilla Unicorn (become the owner and hire strippers)
• Sky bar with 10+ cocktails and bar snacks
• Premium car shop (custom cars)
• Casino
• And many more hidden features

Would you like to become a criminal mastermind, or a business entrepreneur, you could be a Cop investigating criminal activity, you can become the best taxi service in the state or would you prefer to be a driving instructor. The possibilities are endless, All this can happen on Nexus Role-Play!
Come check us out

Yes we are a LGBTQ+ friendly server.

Remembered rp is we have a very inclusive community

Royal Cypher RP is a Roleplay server with lost of:
⦁ Unique Scripts
⦁ Custom MLO’s
⦁ Custom cars and bikes
⦁ Alot of legal and illegal jobs
⦁ Gang Controlled Drugs

We are aiming for Hard Roleplay , with a realistic economy.
We are currently hiring LEO , EMS and Mechanics.
Join us now to receive a Free City Starting Kit and extra rewards for referring players to the city.
See you there !
DISCORD : https://discord.gg/9NfgsSdx4K