A "holy hell this is awesome" to the devs

FiveM was nice af when it was first released.
MultiFive revived it… After a YEAR… But it’s unstable and very, very messed up…
Then… This magnificient thing emerged called “FiveReborn”…
Ooohwee is it nice, reworked chat in-game, no signing in cancer, just flawless…

I want to thank the devs for doing a great work on this mod (even though NTAuthority isn’t really happy with it lol) so keep it up. I expect seeing some more awesome stuff in the future ;d

Why wouldn’t NTA be happy? Anyways, thanks for the compliment :smile:

I really don’t know why. Probably something to do with “people breaking scripts.”

Oh btw, about the .NET stuff, they are in the Plugins folder, and they worked just fine some time ago, now they not only don’t work, but they crash FiveR after some time.

My friend has .NET mods too, and it works just fine.

Error: [12529906] GlobalError: ROS_SetupTrapRoutine can not execute while the Common Language Runtime is loaded. Please remove any .NET-based plugins/CitizenFX .components.from your game installation, and try again.

MultiFive is breaking scripts :smile:

I never used .NET mods so can’t really help you there.

lol it really breaks them? that way I need to reinstall everything ;-;

found the issue.
.xml from the DotNet loader was missing ._.

said in A "holy hell this is awesome" to the devs.:

After a YEAR…

Not really a year, about 6 or 7 months