A few suggestions, and a bug

Hey guys, great work on the fxdk so far. I’ve been using it daily now since release, and I have a few features I’d really love to see implemented, as well as a bug I’ve encountered.


  • An option to open something (folders, scripts) in an external editor like VSCode
  • In the context menu when right-clicking stuff in the project, an “Add to fxdkignore” option
  • Make “auto-restart on change” apply to web files too (html, css, js, ts).
  • A more convenient way of setting convars, maybe even letting scripts set them or something like that?


The only bug I have been consistently encountering at the moment is that the input is weird when in-game the scroll wheel is inverted, and that seems to affect NUIs. All my NUIs which are scrollable become unusable, while the non-scrollable ones function as normally.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of this next thing, and it’s really not that big of a problem, but it seems that when moving/driving the w a s d keys are randomly activated. The key will keep being activated until you press down the key affected, cause you to drive/walk in the direction of the activated key. You should be able to check this yourself by just getting in FxDK, and driving a bit around until your vehicle randomly turns.