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8Bit Roleplay :space_invader:

What is 8Bit Roleplay :space_invader:

8Bit Roleplay is a new recently wiped economy server, using a custom framework based off ESX’s Framework, with experienced coders with years of experience developing & creating custom scripts, From basic general suggestions from the community to full fledged custom features our developers can do it all.

Why Join 8Bit Roleplay? :space_invader:

We are not looking for numbers, at the end of the day if we wanted a super populated server we would ruin our economy and just have everyone be millionaires but we rather have a reasonable self sustained economy and individuals who are dedicated to roleplay and providing roleplay for others as well. If you are looking for a friendly experienced community this is the server for you.

What makes 8Bit Different?

Its not 64bit :wink:. Honestly our community we have monthly community meetings that allow for individuals to voice their questions concerns and ideas to our staff team and developers so 8BRP can always progress and become better and better with our communities suggestions and help.


• Taco Runs
Based off the popular server NoPixel our developers have incorperate a entire reputation system as well as a money/drug system all into one job, with not only the taco shop being player run and managed by gang members looking to clean their money and get a little more rep but even civilians so they can make some clean money.

• Mechanic Shops
With player ran and managest mechanic shops in 8BitRP it allows individuals to interact with mechanics and create some interesting experiences especially when mechanics provide the best upgrades and modifcations to your cars. So if your in a need for a new bumper or a sick spoiler give one a call or stop by their shop.

• Oxy Runs
Due to many requests from people in our community meetings to implement this feature our developers have worked on a entire oxy system that allows you to pay money to get access to the most essential drug in Los Santos. Oxy which allows you to heal from your injuries for a short period of time.

• Diamond Casino Resort.
Government owned and operated, Allowing you to go spend a little cash and bet with odds with blackjack allowing you to make riches and lose doe all in one go. This is a great place to go spend your time when your trying to make a little bit more money for your financed car payments.

• Weazel News Headquarters.
Get the latest scoop on the drama or latest information on events in the city, Court cases or even Crimes happening around your area, Weazel news is a society owned business owned and opperated by players allowing them to post news articles on our website; which is located on our in game phone. as well as access custom weazel news vehicles and tools in order to conduct their job.

• Legal Weed Delivery and Supplying
With our new weed system inspired by nopixel you can legally pick weed with your friends as well as dry and distribute them to a weed store all legally, although this does not tie in with our current illegal weed growing and selling that is obtainable by growing weed in your house and selling it on any corner and street. You can find yourself doing illegal weed or legal weed to make some extra cash.

• Custom Phone
• Custom Cars.
• Custom Liveries.
• Custom Clothing.
• Custom Scripts
• Trusted Community Members to help with anything.
• Dedicated Staff team.
• Custom Housing System
Allowing you to obtain a property from a realestate agent which can put your house anywhere you’d like.
• Custom Furniture System
Furnish your brand new home you just purchased cause its always better living in a home with furniture instead of a empty home.
• Court Cases
• Lawyers, Cops, Judges
• Drug Growing System
• Custom Gang System
Allowing you to have a property stash/storage & more as a gang without the need to lose your legal job.
• Unique PD MDT
• MK2 Weapons
& So much more!

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Super dope server! Everyone here is super nice and friendly. Staff goes above and beyond to do what’s right for the community. Perfect place for story making and fun


8Bit is a great community, there are a lot of friendly faces here, and people who want to tell stories. Be a part of it!


Been playing on 8Bit for well over a year now and its amazing, The community is very friendly and fun to RP with along with many unique characters that are roleplayed here. There is tons of in-game mechanics that you can use for specific RP scenarios that make it a lot easier to create fun RP. To top it off the staff here are amazing and treat you with respect as long as you show them it, they take time and think reasonably when making decisions. Not to even mention Kriz who is genuinely the best owner ive seen in the FiveM community. Hes actively involved in his community and even roleplays on the server himself quite often. He listens to what everyone has to say and their suggestions and doesnt leave any options unchecked. HIGHLY recommend putting in an application for whitelist if you arent already


When you’re not having the best day, Jumping on and RPing in this server changes that. I have so much fun RPing with the rest of the community and interacting with their characters.


Been playing on this server for a few weeks now since my last server i was apart of for two years died. It is a fun server is still picking up from that recent wipe so there is so much to do and plenty of gangs getting started up. Very fun server. just hope to see more import cars coming in and for more people to come get this racing scene picked up with me!


New Update
With the launch of 3.0 We’ve also made it a point in roleplay to make criminal RP and Cop RP More engaging and more immersive, with Evidence, Bullet Casings, Blood Type, and even a MDT system, With Custom Import vehicles & New Jobs being added weekly we’ve really been dedicating to providing a better experience.

Is 8Bit RP For you?
If you are new to roleplay we tend to be a great commuinty to get your roots set and understand roleplay as well, although we are a serious roleplay server our members are more then dedicated to provide you with help, our new Trusted members are there to assist any new player or group of players on how things work and how to get started inside the server. With a dedicated developer creating custom scripts and being one of many popular developers on this forum his dedicated and effort is crazy, with over 4 years experience with FiveM. If your looking for a dedicated staff team and a server that will be around for awhile with great potential in roleplay and as a community this server is the server for you and your friends.

Join Today: https://discord.gg/VzeR3wV

I have tried to use the invite code to the discord server given and it seems to be invalid or expired. Can someone give me a new one