2020 USPS Ford Transit

Howdy! Heres a United States Postal Service Ford Transit!

I plan on working for the Postal Service, so I decided why not!

Feel free to make skins for it, just don’t reupload and claim as yours.

USPS Ford Transot.zip (31.7 MB)
Other Skins.zip (2.6 MB)


Looks good!


Very clean, nice work!


Very nice vehicle. A bit of magic and it’s a PostOP vehicle! (Right vehicle)

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You mind if I include that skin in the download? Cause I know people would enjoy it!

No not at all, I can even send you mine if you want ^^

That’d be appreciated!

I sent you a private message.

Love it, thank you! Already have it set as my main mail delivery vehicle …

Only bug is the horn… quick hit does something funky, have to hold it down… unless that was by design?

Something I noticed aswell. Wasn’t something that I did to my knowledge

this is awesome! been wanting a USPS grumman llv or van for awhile now!


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looks nice! is this based on the nspeedo?
it would be nice to use the liveries i already have for that vehicle

If the Templates are generally the same then yes. You can do some fitting. But if they aren’t, just copy the Logos/Text you need and Position them where you need on the Transit

Its because the meta files list it as an emergency with sirens, I am still trying to figure out how to fix this on my models too

Try Removing the flags:

what is the spawn code, or how do i spawn it?

uspstrans is the spawn code. And you need a Menu to spawn it in