[%20 DISCOUNT] [PAID] [ESX/QB] Retrophone

Codev Retrophone



  • 00s style retro phone!
  • Lore friendly!
  • You can use that as a main phone!
  • Fully configurable and optimised!


Codeverse Retrophone Escrowed

Other Resource

Online Casino
Multi Character
NPC Interaction
Text UI

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~2000
Requirements QBCore/ESX/Custom Framework
Support 100% Support 15h/day

Does the source version also comes with web source? what framework have you used for the UI?

Yes, i only used jQuery with vanilla html css

Are the phones unique?

IE if i drop it and get a new one, its an actual new phone?
Or if someone takes mine, they can read my messages?

Will make this feature soon. Its just a beta for now.

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nice work

  • ⁠📦│retrophone (v0.2.1)

    • Server functions and phone animation files are open for debugging.(edited)
  • :package:│retrophone (v0.2.2)

    • Fixed database issues
    • Added functionality to recents app

Is this compatible with third party phones such as lb?

wondering the same (once they make the phone unique, like LBs).

Not for now, but in a week i’ll add unique phones stuff and make it compatible with lb-phone, qb-phone, codev-payphone.

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it ist compatible with roadphone?

No, it isnt.

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