2 questions :D ,

hello , im new to the game , i have 2 questions : 1st : why this mod is called fivereborn , why not fiveonline or fivemp , 2nd : is the fivereborn menu necessary ?? can i delete it and replace it with a weapons menu from my choice ?

  1. It’s just a name.
  2. Uhmm what?
  1. The name of the program is FiveReborn because FiveM was shut down and this is basically it being revived and made better.

  2. No the trainer isn’t required just recommended, and you can install a few other trainers, yes.

better but without the source code so tinkerers get fucked :^)

what do u mean revived ? became active again ?

I mean revived because they remade FiveM

so do u know how to script mods ?

Technically, and to be pedantic, it’s based on FiveM and not a remake.

the word revived here means became active again ? or remade ?