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Project Rogue was created in site to build a community solely for people looking for serious roleplay and quality interactions. We are a Whitelisted FiveM Community that believes in immersive, high-quality roleplay that lets you get lost in the state of San Andreas with your friends. We really took the core values of what people were saying about other servers and the issues they experienced, and got to work perfecting a unique playground for you all. We built this server from the ground up, and put countless amounts of months that have now turned to years, into developing something that you can come in, enjoy, and experience nothing but a truly immersive experience.

Project Rogue does not focus on one area of development or roleplay. We took time to build up a streamline base that is equal for criminals, legal civilians, police/ems, and more. The doors opened up at Project Rogue on 1/15/21 for beta and we fully launched our finished product on 7/2/21 called Project Rogue Roleplay.


Since then we have been building an amazing community of over 3800+ players that have played over 317,000+ hours (That’s approx 36 Years of played time in just 1 and 1/2 years.) Want to join them? Look no further! Join us at our official discord at: PROJECT ROGUE ROLEPLAY and apply to get whitelisted today!

Project Rogue does not use any type of trainers or menus. This means you do everything within the city and we can ensure you our scripts provide you the resources you need to be successful. With a unique and modified framework to work off of, highly optimized scripts with players in mind, and a load of activities to do, Project Rogue truly doesn’t lack when it comes to development. No skipping frames, broken scripts, or poor performance. We have been in your shoes when these things happen, and truly took that into consideration when we built Project Rogue; with the player in mind.
Simply, we go for a realistic approach, and have made everything extremely user friendly.

When you first fly into Project Rogue, there’s going to be a couple things you want to know. Keep in mind, this is a fraction of the possibilities in Project Rogue.

Getting A Job

With multiple legal jobs to do through out the state of San Andreas, you will have plenty of options when it comes to getting a job to start getting some money in your bank account. This is just a glimpse at some of the jobs we have to offer.

  • Sanitation Employee
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Courier Worker
  • Semi Truck Driver
  • Fruit Picker
  • Farmer / Rancher
  • Gardener
  • Construction
  • Fisher
  • Hunter
  • Miner
  • Taxi/Limo Driver
  • Uber Eats
  • Scuba Diving
  • Vineyard Employee
  • Plus Many More

We also offer an extensive list of whitelisted jobs through the city, that require actual interviews with people in an immersive environment! Below is a just a glimpse at what we have to offer.

  • Los Santos County Sheriffs Office
  • San Andreas Medical Services
  • Redline Performance Shop
  • Tuner Shop
  • Paleto Mechanics
  • Los Santos Customs
  • Real Estate Agent (Residential + Commercial)
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsports
  • Sanders Motorsports
  • Sunrise Autos
  • Burger Shot
  • Pizza This
  • Bean Machine Cafe
  • White Widow Dispensary
  • Yellow Jack Bar & Grill
  • Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club
  • Bahama Mama Night Club
  • Plus Many More


We understand though, some people just can’t handle a 9-5 working class job. So if you are tired of living a decent civil life, there’s plenty to do for you as well. Below is a just a small glimpse of activities and jobs for our criminals, gang members, etc.

  • Boosting Vehicles through Tablet
  • VIN Scratching
  • Illegal Crafting System & Tables
  • Extensive Gang & Turf System
  • Drug Dealing
  • Drug Manufacturing (Weed, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, Oxys, etc.)
  • Stealing Cars for Profit
  • Illegal Scrapyard
  • Loan Shark Collections
  • Money Laundering
  • Illegal Hacking
  • Bank Trucks
  • Jewelry Heists
  • Robbing Houses
  • Robbing Stores
  • Robbing Banks
  • Union Depository Heist
  • Bobcat Heist
  • Central/Big Bank Heist

Whatever your vice is, we believe we have something that can feed that underlying urge to break loose and commit a felony or two.

Buying Your First Car

Project Rogue has so much to offer when it comes to purchasing and customizing vehicles. We offer 3 different dealerships through out San Andreas, with an actual stocked system of vehicles, so when you buy one, there’s only a limited supply. That way, you won’t see the same car driving around the streets all the time. After you purchase a vehicle, you can head on over to one of the 5 mechanic shops in town, and get you vehicle customized to your liking, with plenty to choose from when it comes to cosmetic upgrades. Below, you can find just a tiny fraction of what we have to offer for custom vehicles in the server.

Buying Your House

Project Rogue has knocked it out of the park when it comes to purchasing property. We offer over 40 different styles of interiors, and you can live ANYWHERE you want in the city. Whether its in Grove St kicking with the GSM, or the luxury life in Vinewood Hills, all properties are for sale! All properties have the options to store vehicles, outfits, and items. We also allow our community to do WHATEVER you want when it comes to designing and decorating your house! With countless possibilities, you can’t go wrong!

Our community is built of all walks of life, and we believe in diversity and inclusion. People come here to have a good time, and get lost in what we have to offer. We offer so much when it comes to roleplay, and truly if you want to roleplay as something, the city has the capability to do just that! When we launched on 1/15/21 we had people come to the city, and experience a whole new level of roleplay and city performance, and we believe you will to. We are looking to build onto our foundation and player base, and want YOU to be apart of our community! Check out below some affirmations and testimony’s that our own community members have said about us, and their time at Project Rogue!

  • We are a growing team of dedicated roleplayers/individuals that are working to bring the best possible roleplay experience to FiveM.

  • We are also going for quality/stability players over quantity of players. In doing so, we are also adding resources accordingly to fit our player base.

  • We have heavily optimized the resources we use to ensure a positive experience within Project Rogue. We believe optimizing before hand and beta testing the resources before hand, rather then putting them into the live server to find bugs over time.

  • We take security and gameplay comfort for our players as highest priority. That’s why we use several techniques and scripts that complement each other in order to prevent hackers and other non-sense in an intelligent and very efficient way!

  • Admins and moderators are playing incognito, we do not support any type of “admin-vehicle” or “admin-job” idea. We want nothing more but a smooth and immersive roleplay experience!

  • It is probably the simpliest request we can ask of you: Join our city! We have taken care of the rest! Now we just need you to join our discord, follow some basic rules, and enjoy a good time with everyone!

  • Following all server rules and expectations is a must to ensure a positive and fluent roleplay experience.

  • Bring your A game when it comes to roleplay, and bring immersive and quality scenes to the community.

  • Most Importantly, have fun. We want everyone having fun, and enjoying their time within Project Rogue, and want your experience to be nothing short of it.

  • To get started playing at Project Rogue, its very easy and only takes about 20 minutes out of your day!

  • Head on over to our DISCORD and read the rules! After reading these rules, you will apply via our whitelisted application. We have also shortened up the process to apply, so it is very easy! You can find our application HERE

  • Once you get approved, you will then have access to the full DISCORD and be able to join our city!

  • We believe in providing a positive play experience, so please ensure to follow the rules, as our Active Staff team will ensure people are doing so!

We hope to meet you soon at Project Rogue! Thanks for learning about our community and what we have to offer! Grab your friends, Join the DISCORD, and have some fun!

Project Rogue Development


wait this looks firreeeeee


I gotta check this out!!


Got to check this city out, this promo looks amazing


definetly going to have check this place out


YOOOO imma have to check this out!! ASAP!


This city looks like straight heat!


Project Rogue is by far one of the best put together RP servers I’ve ever played. The amount of in depth multi-step criminal activities there are inside of Project Rogue keeps the fun going for people that like to RP as criminals as well as cops. Aside from all of the criminal activities you will find amazing custom interiors for things like Benny’s and other mechanic shops that make being a mechanic fun. The amount of time put into the city definitely shows and I’m excited to see what the future holds once it’s filled with high quality role-players.


Been playing this server since launch, boy can i say its a great one, owner ABOW is very active with the community and taking our feedback, there is so much to do in the server, and the community that is already here bring great quality of RP. I’ve been in a lot of servers but this one is by far my favorite. there is so much potential here and cant wait to see it filled with more great people, and great RP. stop by we would love to have you.


Yo that’s ffiiirreee


Just wanna say that so far the staff and community members have a lot of passion to make this community as amazing as possible. Definitely would recommend!



:eyes: BIG NEWS

  • Staff has come to a conclusion, and we are going un-whitelisted for the time being. We are going to monitor this extremely, and keep our community up to date. Enjoy the server, and PLEASE, if you experience terrible people with terrible roleplay, please make a report, and we will take care of it. Enjoy! Lets grow our community.

:sparkles: NEW

  • The department of transportation has gone around San Andreas and repaved the streets.
  • Redid the UI of the police notifications. They now populate like a real dispatch would, and has the ability for the officers to accept the call, and get dispatched to the current call. Will be working on these more as time progresses.
  • Redid the F10 menu to allow players to be able to use it to not META game the current jobs, and also be able to report a players steam hex instead of their name.
  • New /report system, allows players to be able to report certain IDs that are breaking rules, etc. Simply grab a players ID by flexing F10, then /report ID REASON FOR REPORT.
  • Staff got some love and has a menu now that allows them to easily spectate players, ban players, warn players, and see people who have disconnected. They also are able to bring players, and see if someone has a mod menu.
  • Staff actions and players are reported to the discord staff menus, so even if a staff members isnt online at the time, we are able to track these reports and can grab peoples steams from there.

:house_with_garden: HOUSING

  • Added over 10 differnt new interiors for houses including luxury living homes, medium sized homes like Mirror Park, Along with all new shells for the future for business, lawyers, etc.
  • Added in new Real Estate Job.

:tools: FIXES

  • We were having issues with vehicles turning into a brick wall when flipped over. This should be fixed, however if you experience this, please #makeaticket
  • Balanced out food and beverages even more.

1/28/21 UPDATE LOG

  • Al Massino called in his boy Aberto & Frankie to come to Los Santos to open a new scrapyard.
  • Scrapyard was completely rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Much more improved roleplay around this illegal job.
  • Multiple chop shops in the city. Frankie & Aberto will actually switch locations of their shops every 48 minutes (1 in game day). Currently, there are TWO scrapyards, with more to come.
  • List of vehicles will be given to the player, and they will be able to utilize that list on their phone.
  • Much more interactive!
  • We will be monitoring how people react to these locations, and see if we need to up the prices for chopping vehicles. We as staff came together to decide pricing, which included civ and crim side aspects!
  • Players will receive cash along with parts on top to continue the roleplay and have the items to sell. No, they do not only sell for $20 :wink:

:axe: MINING

  • New mining job available for anyone to do!
  • No need for a job title, more of a side hustle.
  • 4 step process to complete the job. Mine rocks, wash rocks, smelt rocks, sell items.
  • interactive additions added to the job to make it more immersive.

:oncoming_police_car: SAST

  • SAST vehicles in their garage and shop should show the name in the garage now!

:tools: FIXES

  • Updated to a more stable version of Artifacts.
  • Clothing stores have been restored. Database is fully talking to the script, and no more issues with buying clothes and saving outfits.
  • Alcohol added back to Robs Liquor Stores. Have fun and don’t drink and drive.
  • Fixed clothing inside interiors of houses.

:ambulance: EMS

  • Brand new pillbox, thanks to @Dito#0666 for funding :heart:
  • Multiple check in system! Now 1 in the basement, and 2 upstairs
  • All new EMS garage
  • All new EMS check in bed system
  • All new system where people can see how someone died, and where the death wound is coming from :bangbang:

:oncoming_police_car: SAST

  • All new jail/prison
  • Added in a food store to the prison.
  • Jail menu can now be found inside the F6 Menu instead of having to constantly type jailmenu for SAST:bangbang:
  • Added in a GSR KIT in the F6 Menu SAST will now be able to GSR civilians. Watch out, they coming for you :bangbang:

:tools: FIXES

  • Finally fixed the bulletproof vests! Sorry this took so long! Should not have taken that long!
  • Fixed the check in system which was causing some people to crash
  • Fixed some door locks not staying locked


  • Whitelisted gang apps will be looked over this weekend, and gangs should start hearing back from Management on Friday & Saturday!

@everyone We have been experiencing great numbers in the city, and in the discord. Thanks for all the love! :heart: Means the world to me, you guys have no idea!

- Developer

:new: NEW

  • New queue system that allows management to whitelist people anywhere they are from their phones, tablets, PCs etc. Each management member has access to this, and its fully working.
  • Added in so armor will now carry over after flying out or after tsunami! You will need to give it approx 10-15 seconds, and the armor will re appear where it was left off. This is to ensure that the server has time to read your armor value.
  • New supporter section in the dealership has been added for @Gold Supporter and @Diamond Supporter. This section will gradually expand as more cars are brought in for the public along with supporters.

:red_car: GARAGES

  • The garage script was taken, and completely rebuilt.
  • New garages all over the state, making it easy to get to your car, and store it. If you find an area, that is lacking a garage, please make a ticket and let us know!
  • Each garage is its own. Meaning if you park your car in garage A, it will remain in garage A, and not accessible through garage B.
  • New impound over the state, making it easier to track down your car.
  • New command /garages to make it easier to find where your car is at.
  • New personalized garages can be constructed onto a house that you own. These garages feature 2/6/10 garage spaces, and give an actual function to the garage shells. In these garages, you can actually see all the cars you own physically. It will also tell you what your fuel levels are at inside the garage.
  • SAST received a police impound. What this means, is that they can actually take your vehicle and seize the vehicle. The vehicle DOES NOT just respawn inside the garage. Meaning you will need to go down to SAST, and retrieve your vehicle from them. (This does not mean if they impound it, it goes there. That goes to the regular impound. This would be they take your physical car to SAST HQ, and store your vehicle in the impound lot themselves.)
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I’ve been playing here and I can’t get enough of the server sooooo good

Not saying anything bad bout this server, but it’s kinda sus how 10 new accounts commented, let’s look at this, and it was their first message. All in the same day too. :rofl:
Just figured I would point it out. Good luck y’all

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Hi there! These are just our members commenting on the post, that enjoy the server! :slight_smile: We posted this forum post to our discord, and had people go to the topic to explain how they enjoy the server. Not every person has a forum account, so they made one! :slight_smile: You can always check our discord and see that were legit! We are a great community, with growing numbers by the day!



  • Clothing stores have been fixed completely.
  • Improved whitelisting and blacklisting inside them
  • More optimization, even while streaming, runs at a whopping .05ms


  • Adjusted prices again on parts for mechanic shops
  • Now it has a total and client total.
  • For mechanic shops to make money, charge the people the client amounts
  • Shops buy parts for the “total” amount.
  • Essentially mechanics shops earn 20% profit on items installed


  • Fixed TVs breaking for no reason
  • Fixed 3D model rendering
  • Fixed 3D audio lagging
  • Added remotes to multiple stores
  • Added discord support
  • Added blacklist for certain sites so weirdos don’t play weird shit.

:musical_note: ROGUE TURN TABLES

  • Optimized even more
  • Fixed markers sometimes not displaying
  • Fixed and reworked html box cards

:oncoming_police_car: SAST

  • By request from command, we got decommissioned the 2013 Tahoe, and Caprice.
  • All vehicles now have an option to purchase vehicle with no livery. You can go to a mechanic, and get them painted whatevver color that is APPROVED BY COMMAND.
  • Please consult with a commanding member of the SAST before purchasing.
  • You cannot take your marked vehicle, and remove the livery. You will need another vehicle purchased.
  • Brand new HEAT division being released, that have some serious tuned vehicles. Includes a Hellcat Challenger, a 5.0 mustang, a 2019 Viper GTS, and a 2018 SS Camaro. Good luck San Andreas.
  • Cops have no limits on how many units can show up to a scene, especially robberies of any sort.

:man_police_officer: EMERGENCY BLIPS

  • Fixed siren blinking
  • Fixed name bug


  • Flecca banks have opened there doors to the wonderful citizens of Los Santos
  • Can you find out what you need, where you need it, and how to get it?
  • Plenty of cash to go around, if you can get away
  • Multiple steps in the process
  • Only certain limited banks open right now
  • Banks can be shut down by cops
  • Cops can tap into cameras inside the bank
  • Cops can deploy gas
  • Lets see who the first is to be able to crack the bank :eyes:

:scales: DOJ

  • DOJ is completely fullfilled and ready to go
  • We have a head Judge, Judge Henry Johnson, will now be accepting cases from the lawyers/citizens of LS.
  • DOJ BAR EXAMS have been given out to candidates who qualify, and also, applications are actively being looked at.
  • DOJ now hands out, physical driving licenses, weapon licenses, and permits. You will need to aquire one, to be able to give it to anyone.
  • DOJ now takes on new business apps, and will qualify people to be able to own businesses.
  • DOJ now will be able to write contracts that will be legally binded, for basically anything.
  • DOJ now will assist the SAST in writing no knock warrants. What this means, if you engage in criminal activity, and can be 100% rightfully identified, DOJ judges can write no knock warrants on property, and vehicles, and seize them without warning. You do NOT need to be in the city, for this to happen.
  • DOJ will now issue public hearings, to deligate a mayor of the city. This will be looked over and redone every 3 months.
  • DOJ will now be able to issue class 2 weapon licenses.
  • DOJ will now be able to issue court hearings, to expunge records that have been clean for more then 30 days.
  • DOJ can now take hearings to change names/identities.
  • DOJ can now assist in much, much more. Get in contact with a LICENSED lawyer, to consult today.
  • New law in place, that charges 10K for impersonating a lawyer.

:deer: HUNTING

  • Majorly requested. We heard you. We built an amazing hunting script that I think you will enjoy!
  • Hunt any type of wild animals who roam freely
  • Brand new hunting lodge interior
  • Ability to purchase license to hunt, or you can illegally hunt. Watch out, SAST catches you hunting without a physical license, you will be fined $10,000, and jailed for 20 months.
  • Ability to sell animals legally, or illegally
  • Brand new job that allows you to take illegal meats and skins and do a job where you deliver them around town for even more money
  • You can also cook the meat you receive over live fires, and this will allow you to get full health!


  • Weapon metas have been adjusted to ensure a fun and and lasting enviroment. We took the time, to adjust these to make it a little more realistic environment. This DOES NOT mean to utilize your weapon more, and rules around HQ 1.1 will be policed VERY heavily. Stop shooting all the time, or suffer consequences.

:oncoming_police_car: SAST

  • SAST got some love from the one and only @Ecko#0001 and got their entire fleet worked on! Huge shout to him for working all day on them!
  • Re did the entire UI of the MDT. Matches our logos, and branding for the SAST.

:moneybag: BANKING

  • Re did the entire UI of the banking, to match the rogue branding, and color scheme!

:red_car: VEHICLES

  • Worked on the entire esx extended file
  • Vehicles now save damage when going into a garage (I hate you power gamers)
  • What this means if you have a popped tire, missing door, damaged engine, it will come out again with that damage. Talk to a mech for some repair kits.
  • This took about 127 lines of free coding, and will stay permanently

:hamburger: BURGER SHOT

  • Burgetshot is officially opened with a HUGE selection of food!
  • Full whitelisted job with an accessibility to a deep freeze, soda machine, and grill
  • Can work there serving food that is more filling then food from a gas station.
  • Very interactive job with a lot of interaction!


  • Now watch TV in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere really!
  • Stop by a store for a TV remote, YOU MUST have this in order to watch TV
  • Can play music at the comfort of your own home as well through the TV
  • Can lower or raise the volume
  • When selecting something to watch, you have to exit the TV UI to play it
  • Play any type of links
  • TVs around the map also work with this!


  • Play now with your friends a game of billiards
  • Two modes, Classic Pool, or 8 Ball
  • Play with up to 4 people
  • Very syncd and very optimized
  • Super clean movements
  • Allows you to make your own rules with friends
  • Actual full pool cue instead of half of one
  • Super fun leisure activity

:musical_note: LIVE DJ

  • Clubs, Bars, etc with DJ turn tables can now be utilized
  • Must have certain job to interact with them
  • Allows you to play any type of music with work around for copyright music
  • Super clear dictation that sounds like your listening on your PC
  • Raise and lower volumes
  • Great radius can be heard even outside some places
  • Great for events like VU, Bahamamas, etc.


  • Gun stores got a much needed face lift.
  • Beautiful new UI
  • Ability to see what the weapons are and how much they cost
  • Pay with debit card or cash
  • Shopping cart system, buy multiple of the same thing easily.
  • Everything is in one spot, so you can browse the entire store at the front desk.
  • Added in missing gun store from sandy and paleto

:rotating_light: EMERGENCY SERVICES

  • SAST, and SAMS now can see each other on the map.
  • Each department has different style of blips, to make it easy to track who is who.
  • If they have their lights on, their blips will flash red and blue on the map, making it easy to know who is in a chase or code 2+
  • Shows which direction in which the person is facing, and show a blue field of view.
  • This has a ton of new possibilities


  • SAST Forensics division is now opened up
  • Ability to check for finger prints in vehicles that are left on scene
  • Ability to check for bullet casings left behind on scene
  • Ability to check for blood samples on scene
  • Reporting system that logs inside the forensics unit inside MRPD.
  • Very accurate unit, very detailed reporting

:police_car: SAST

  • Re did the complete texture of the “Carbine Rifle”. Re skinned as a CAR-15.
  • Completely animated, and 4K texture!


  • Adjusted all blips on map, to ensure a smoother and more clean playing experience.
  • Added court house elevator to make it easier to go up and down for DOJ.
  • Added new LS Customs Map for the middle of the map. New Shop Soon?
  • Added new Ground and Pound bar map
  • Added new legion square map

:dog: PETS

  • A brand new pet store has come to Los Santos!
  • Own a variety of pets. Ranging from a rabbit, pig, all the way to a rottweiler!
  • Enjoy your time taking your pet to the parks, walks, playing fetch with a baseball from ammunation, or drive around with your new pet!
  • Can only own one pet at a time! If you buy another one, your last companion is gone.
  • You will need to feed them, and they will actually follow you!
  • Send them home wherever you are at in San Andreas!

:fishing_pole_and_fish: FISHING

  • We listened, we heard, and we have given what you have been asking for!
  • New leisure activity actually lets you go out with your friends/family, and fish for all sorts of creatures roaming the sea.
  • Catch everything from a salt water fish, all the way to KILLER WHALES.
  • Brand new bait shop has been made, and can be found on your GPS systems!
  • Sell fish to a local Chinese restaurant that is really looking for your fish and other LEGAL items. Cant miss it. (ITS NOT MARKED ON YOUR MAP)
  • A lot more interactive then most fishing system, and very immersive compared to other fishing jobs!

:sailboat: BOAT RENTALS

  • Ever want to take jetski, or a boat out to experience the open sea, canals, etc with your friends? Now you can!
  • Multiple boat rentals around the city!
  • Be careful, if you do not return the boat, they will keep you cash, and even make you go in debt if you dont have enough!
  • Multiple different boats and wave-runners are available!

:pill: DRUGS

  • Fixed inventory check type causing sell prompts
  • Fixed randomizing sell amounts
  • Fixed major issue with people being able to spam sell drugs. (That’s not cool that people purposefully used this. SMH)
  • Fixed text issue with drug job
  • Fixed job taking black money sometimes
  • Fixed max sell cap, now 200 from 150.
  • Optimized drug script to prevent hitch warnings
  • Added inventory checker, so only players with drugs see prompt sell

:ambulance: EMS

  • Added clothing store for EMS in the bathroom
  • Adjusted payments for EMS personal across the board to thank them for there hard work within the state of San Andreas. 33% increase to pay.

:mobile_phone: PHONE

  • A ton of optimization has been done and script cleaned up.
  • Added in mechanics and lawyers to the base contacts that come on the phone
  • Now, if you do not have a phone, you will not be able to access the phone at all.
  • Fixed GPS being active when the phone is removed from your inventory.
  • Fixed being called when you dont have a phone
  • Remove the equipped weapon when using the phone
  • Fixed adding contacts from recent calls
  • Fixed missing contact backgrounds
  • Fixed favorites pushing to home
  • Fixed several missing on hover animations
  • Fixed issue where you can add the same number for multiple contacts
  • Added new case for the phone.


  • Brand new item for you criminal scum to get your greedy little fingers on
  • Illegal tablets have a new racing app that anyone with one can create, and join races in the race scene now.
  • Brand new dark chat has been moved to the tablet.
  • Dark chat has the ability to send gifs, and text.
  • Dark chat has the ability to make different rooms and names for chats.
  • Clean UI and ability to change backgrounds, size, and position on the tablet
  • Coming soon these will be used for a lot more :wink:

hello, are you looking for a scripter?